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Sep 5, 2012 01:36 AM

Takayama Eats

We have 2 nights in Takayama, during the Autumn festival.

On the first night, we'll be eating dinner at our ryokan. Breakfast will be taken there too.

I'd appreciate any feedback or thoughts on one lunch and one dinner suggestion, that will fit in nicely with our sightseeing in Takayama.

I've read on Chowhound about:-

-- Yamatake-Shōten for Hida Beef - would welcome thoughts on quality, menu options, and whether this would be nice option for dinner on our 2nd night, assuming I can even get a reservation during festival at this short notice

-- Center 4 Hamburgers - possible lunch option, reviews seem mixed, some love some hate. Husband does enjoy really good burgers...

Also found on Wiki:-

-- Yakisoba - specialises in yakisoba fried noodles

On Takayama Shops website:

-- Mikado - serves local meals, inexpensive, don't know anything on quality or menu
-- Suzuya - serves local meals, inexpensive, don't know anything on quality or menu
-- List of izakayas -

And I think I read that soba is a local speciality too?

That's it, that's all I have!

Would like focus to be on Hida beef and other local specialities, I think I recall reading something about a local variation on pickles... If there's somewhere you recommend that comes in at a lot less than Yamatake-Shoten, that'd be great, as I'd rather spend less, but will spend more if that's the place everyone recommends.


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  1. I wrote to the owner of our ryokan and asked if she would make a reservation for us at Yamatake-Shōten, however it seems they are not accepting reservations. I have no idea if this is because they are fully booked or simply decided not to accept any for the festival weekend.

    Any other ideas?


    1. Hi,

      Not sure if this is too late for your trip and forgive me if this is a little hazy on the details as it was sometime since I was in Takayama.

      I really enjoyed the izakuya right opposite the train station which was called Origin. The food and the atmosphere was great.

      Also had great ramen at a ramen place right in the centre of Takyama near the merchants houses, there will be ques so it should be able to find.

      As for Hida beef we found this great little place near are ryokan it was past the river up near Samachi suji. I'm pretty sure we stayed at ryokan Goto and it's near there.

      Sorry I can't be more specific but enjoy Takayama I know I did.

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      1. re: Paprikaboy

        You are on the right track with the Ryokan's own food the first night. Go local, it is not such a big place, more of a town than a city, and there really aren't any destination restaurants to fail to find and miss out on. You really need to decide when you get there. It is nothing like Tokyo.

        1. re: Markintokyo

          Hi Markin
          Main reason I was keen to book in advance is that our visit coincides with the Takayama Autumn festival, and apparently the town is much much busier for that than it is normally.
          Unfortunately, Yamatake-Shōten did not seem open to taking reservations, which I had asked my ryokan to do. She did try, but replied to me that they were not taking bookings.

        2. re: Paprikaboy

          Thanks Paprikaboy
          Much appreciated.

          1. re: Kavey

            No probs Kavey.
            I should apologise for my awful english in my post but it was quite late when I posted.
            BTW if you are in Kyoto on your jaunt try the sashimi in the market. can't remember where exactly but it's run by two fairly elderly ladies.

            1. re: Paprikaboy

              Not at all, it was easy to read, thank you.

              In Nishiki, is it?

        3. Hoorah, my ryokan have come back and said they've now been able to book a table for me for Yamatake-Shōten, so my two dinners are sorted. :-)