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Sep 4, 2012 11:32 PM

Kyoto and Osaka Itinerary...Please Critique and Suggest

Any thoughts or suggestions for my two and a half days in Osaka and four days in Kyoto? I am traveling alone, and I am looking for interesting, different experiences with excellent food, preferably in a relaxed atmosphere. In general, I have not been thrilled with my previous kaiseki experiences at some of the top establishments; I just did not love the food, and found the experience often too long, and not particularly enjoyable as a solo diner.

I have booked the following:

Fujiya 1935 for lunch.

Itoh Dining was recommended by hotel for Teppanyaki; any experience here?

Any other unique or great Osaka restaurants I should try?

Booked in Kyoto:
Wabiya Rakucyutei
Wabiya Korekido

I also plan on doing at least one Kobe/Wagyu/Premium beef experience in Kyoto; is anyone familiar with Mikau or Hafuu? Hafuu looks great, and a relatively good value as well.

Any sushi recommendations in Osaka or Kyoto?

Thank you.

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  1. Anyone? Input would be appreciated.

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      Hi fishkis, are you by any chance staying at Hotel Mume? I posted about the same restaurants in Kyoto b/c they were recommended by Mume, but I don't think anyone on the board has been to them. We are in Kyoto now and ate tonight at Mitsuyasu, which is a little more expensive than the places you listed, I think. It's a small restaurant that serves very simple, soulful traditional food without any of the pageantry of kaiseki, just good ingredients very well-executed. It's primarily fish and vegetables. We also had a great lunch of udon at Yamamoto Menzo, but waited forever on line to get in.

      Btw if you are staying at Mume, it is lovely and the breakfasts are amazing. If you do go to the places you listed, I will be very curious to hear about them....

      1. re: The Cookbook Addict

        Ah, that explains a lot then. I have never heard of any of these restaurants, except for Hafuu (where I've eaten lunch). I will also look forward to a report....

        1. re: The Cookbook Addict

          Good detective work; yes, I will be staying there. These were among the places they recommended, and I whittled the list down a little after some research. Glad to hear The Mume is living up to its reputation. I am really more interested in great places with some atmosphere versus more formal or kaiseki experiences, since I am traveling alone.

          I will definitely report back after my trip, which is in October. Have a wonderful time, and I look forward to hearing about your experiences.

          1. re: fishskis

            Sorry fishskis for not responding before your trip, as I was at 3 of the 4 Kyoto restaurants you listed (Yata, Karyo and Wabiya Rakucyu) in late September. Just geting around now to posting. We also stayed at Mume, and landed on these 3 through a combination of research and Mume recommendations. For others travelling to Kyoto, all are very good choices. Yata - food very good, area amazing (quiet, cobblestone streets, great for wandering along canals and over to river after dinner). Karyo (kaiseki) also very good, but didn't enjoy quite as much as Yata. Rakucyu is recommended because it is so different than others (deep fried skewers). A few of the skewers were excellent, rest were good. Definitely a more bustling atmosphere than the others - younger/hipper staff, younger clientele, some loud groups. We sat outside on the deck, then moved inside as rain arrived, so experienced both. Not a place for a calm evening, but if you are looking for a lively place and you haven't tried the skewers, this is a good option.