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Sep 4, 2012 10:14 PM

The Mmoon baked empanadas & now Cachafaz Alfajores 2nd Store in Los Gatos - some pics

I've eaten at The Mmoon shop in San Jose. They now have some newer flavors for empanadas:
chicken tikka masala - I found it kinda dry, not spicy either
mac ham & cheese - mac & cheese plus ham inside the empanada - liked it better
This one is an old flavor: spinach - spinach, onion, & I think some cheese. I liked it.

Now they sell Cachafaz Alfajores from Argentina. I should have tried one at $2 ea before buying a box of 12. I found the cookies very soft & crumbly, dulce de leche thick w/ coconut on the middle outside. Overall, just ok. Got a chocolate one I'll try maybe tomorrow.

The Mmoon SJ Store
177 W. Santa Clara St

The Mmoon Los Gatos
81 W. Main St, Los Gatos

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