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Sep 4, 2012 09:04 PM

The Modern - just desserts

Hi all. I've been to The Modern a few times these last couple of years. Would any of you know if it's allowed if I went there only for desserts/coffee? I absolutely love their desserts and it would mean more frequent visits, but I'm unsure if it's allowed by the restaurant. If not, does anyone know of any good restaurants that allow customers to only have desserts? Thanks!

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  1. The Dining Room or the Bar Room? I've done just desserts at the Bar Room, mid-afternoon.

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      I'm only interested in the dining room. Haven't tried the bar room yet, but the desserts aren't the same. What is the difference between desserts from the Dining room vs Bar room? -And do you know if it's possible to order dining room desserts while sitting in the bar room?

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        When last I dined in the Dining Room, they wouldn't allow me to order the Bar Room desserts (I had wanted to try the beignets). They told me that I would need to leave the Dining Room, and take a seat in the Bar Room. Needless to say, since this was a business dinner, I declined and ordered dessert from the Dining Room menu. I did return about a year later to the Bar Room, and finally ordered the beignets from the Bar Room dessert menu; they were delicious, and probably the best dish that I had from the Bar Room menu.

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          Dining room desserts are more composed - I personally felt the bar room desserts were better in flavor. Both are quite good though.

      2. Modern Bar room you could do desserts only.

        wd~50 could do desserts only

        Per Se Lounge has a dessert tasting.

        The Nomad is ALC, so just desserts would be doable.

        The Dutch, I did just desserts there. Could have also done so (and had a great time) at DBGB.

        Union Square Cafe
        Gramercy Tavern Tavern Menu

        Chickalicious or Spot, obviously.

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          Thanks! I will probably try The NoMad!