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Sep 4, 2012 08:40 PM

Brunch / patesseries/ creperie Suggestions

I’m having some friends (chocolate lovers) coming and I would like some suggestions where to bring them to eat

1-Good Brunch
2- Good patesseries especially with amazing chocolate croissants and chocolate brownies
3- Good pancakes/creperie spot

Any advice will be really appreciated!

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  1. There is a chocolate place just before Provigo on ste catherine, near fort.. I have not tried it yet but the dishes when I pass by look delicious! Here is info on it and they recently started to have brunch
    I see they have chocolate marshmallow and banana pizza- I think I may give that a try!

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      Cacao 70 is very good, IMO - 2087 Ste-Catherine W. They have a whole brunch menu but I've only been there for dessert/drink. The huge hot chocolates alone are incredible - rich, creamy, and almost too much chocolate for one sitting. Maybe better to share. :-) My friends had a chocolate fondue that looked fab - they shared the "fondue for one" and it was more than enough for two. Another time a friend had a dense chocolate shake that looked amazing, and I shared a chocolate cake-in-a-glass which was great, but not actual solid chocolate cake, so it wasn't what I was expecting, though it was still yummy.

      For a Middle Eastern take on crepes in a quirky/kitchy location, might want to try Cocktail Hawaii in the same area - (watch the music) - 1645 de Maisonneuve W. Go for one of the fruit crepes with achta: Lebanese cream cheese, a bit similar to mascarpone. The fruit "cocktail" drinks and fresh fruit juices are nice too.

    2. olive et gourmando could service #1 and #2

      1. Juliette et Chocolat for crepes.

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        1. re: cherylmtl

          Good brownies, too; and fancy, decadent hot chocolates

        2. Spanel for crepes. They have a lovely terrasse in the back of the restaurant.

          Lawrence for brunch.

          1. As for patisseries, you might want to check this recent thread,


            where a recent visitor has written an inspiring and exceptional tome on some Montreal highlights. A search on this board for "brunch" turns up many options. FWIW, I was not impressed by Faberge, a new breakfast place on Fairmount and Clark. Way overpriced...

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            1. re: foodinspace

              I totally agree on your impression of Faberge!

              1. re: carolilas

                hmm, I had a totally different experience at Faberge. We went there recently for the first time, even though we live in the neighbourhood and it's been open for what, nearly two years? I had the club sandwich with fries and salad - $12 I think, and it was a great serving, excellent fries (some of the best I've had in Montreal, though not in the usual Quebec style). Hardly overpriced when a similar club sandwich in very different surrounds, at Chex Claudette nearby, is only $2 cheaper!

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                  That thread is a really good read, uhockey. ;-)