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Sep 4, 2012 07:29 PM

Great Brunch in Philly!

Hey everyone! I am looking for a great reasonable place for brunch in Philly. Any suggestions??

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  1. There are tons depending on what kind of food you want, but if it's traditional brunch foods: Green Eggs Cafe. Three locations.

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    1. re: barryg

      Hey barryg,

      What's the best non-egg thing to order there? Every time I get to a Green Eggs there is a long wait and I am always in too much of a hurry. One of these days...

      1. re: bluehensfan

        Haven't had much besides eggs there though nothing has been bad that I've tried. If you eat french toast, I've heard good things.

    2. Any specific neighborhood?

      I've tried Green Eggs a number of times, and in my opinion, it's not worth the wait.

      Get up early and hit Sabrina's or Honey's Sit & Eat. If you're a late riser, try the Royal Tavern for the cubano omelet or Cantina Los Caballitos for chorizo and eggs. Santucci's brunch is also supposed to be great, but I've only had lunch/pizza from there.

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      1. re: lawgirl3278

        I'd counter that Sabrina's and Honey's Sit & Eat have longer waits (maybe that's changed recently) and are have less consistent food quality in my experience.

        Royal Tavern is great, pretty much everything is good, don't forget to check out the specials on the chalkboard. Have had mixed experiences at Cantina but when they're on, it's great.. I also like Fitzwater Cafe very much though the menu isn't very extensive.

        1. re: lawgirl3278

          l am a Honey's Sit & Eat fan, and a recent one at that. Been twice in a week.

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Everyone on the board probably knows where my sentiments for breakfast items lie. But I do like Honey's but the location is a bit of a hike. Isn't the one in G-Ho opening in the fall? I am looking forward to that and the other Federal Donuts location opening...

        2. If you can get there before the end of the month (when they close), try Cafe Estelle, on 4th just north of Callowhill. In Center City, I like 10th Street Pour House, on 10th just north of Spruce.

          1. I love Honey's too. Another good place and great value is Mixto if you're looking for something a little different.

            1. Thanks for all your replies!!! I think were gonna try Honey's or possibly Jones? Ive heard from others about Honeys too! I'm hoping we agree to try it. :)

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              1. re: Daram82

                I'm not sure where the Jones idea came from, but skip it. Honey's is good, so is Cafe Estelle. I like Green Eggs but it's not worth the ridiculous wait (at least at the Dickinson St. location), those two places are better.

                1. re: Buckethead

                  Is the wait at Green Eggs really worse than Honey's now? I stopped going to Honey's mainly because it's out of the way but it used be to waits of over an hour on weekend mornings.

                  1. re: barryg

                    I haven't been to Honey's in a while (it's out of the way for me too) but last time I was there the wait was only a few minutes. That was relatively early in the morning though. I can't really compare the wait time there with Green Eggs. I live near GE so I see the crowds waiting outside on the weekends and have tried to go there once or twice and been told there was a 45 minute wait.

                    1. re: Buckethead

                      If you go to Jones, their monkey bread is really good. Haven't been there in over 10 years so don't remember much else.

                      As an aside is Green Eggs as good as Honey's? From what we saw at GE when we tried to go there but wait for 45 minutes (a lot of big plates of home fries and omelettes) the food looked pretty pedestrian...

                      1. re: bluehensfan

                        I don't see big differences between the menus, both are basically gussied up brunch food. Honey's has some southern twists, Green Egg has quinoa porridge (very good) other than that they serve pretty similar food to me. I personally don't think any brunch place is a worth a 45+ minute wait, I didn't realize GE had gotten that bad, maybe it depends on the size of your group. Royal Tavern is actually my favorite place for casual brunch and the wait is always non-existent or short, at least for a 2-top. We like Catahoula a lot too (and it has nice outdoor seating) but quality has been a bit erratic so I hesitate to bring it up.

                        1. re: bluehensfan

                          I'm not a big brunch eater but in my limited experience, Honey's is better. I like Green Eggs too but their menu consists of lots of over-the-top indulgent things like french toast overstuffed with rich fillings and stacks of pancakes with mascarpone cheese in between. Even if you just get eggs, you get 3 eggs.