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Sep 4, 2012 06:24 PM

Hong Kong East Ocean - Emeryville

Inspired by the cheung fun thread I went to HKEO for lunch for the first time in quite a while. Half full at 1pm on a Tuesday, at least 80% Chinese diners, everyone around me was speaking Chinese. Fill out a form to order as always.

Cheung fun with shrimp, turnip cake, marinated cucumbers, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce came to around $20. Cheung fun and turnip cake weren't as good as I remembered but everything was fine, nothing standout, haphazard service, pretty average dim sum place if it weren't for the million-dollar view, which is why they can charge close to Yank Sing prices.

There's a $10 lunch special menu with soup of the day, fried rice, and a choice of Americanized-sounding dishes.

At dinner they have an "anniversary menu" (20th?) with shark fin, abalone, goose webs, etc. in addition to the usual range of HK seafood and so on. Anybody been for dinner lately? With Great China and China Village closed I'm tempted to give it a shot.

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  1. I had a birthday dinner there earlier this year. For a party of 80 it was very good for a mass dinner on a busy night. Wish I could remember the dishes but it was better then most up to any I have had. Now I have eaten for one table. What the price of this dinner set dinner. I could not get it website to load, may be my computer.