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Sep 4, 2012 06:19 PM

Dehydrated garlic cloves as a snack-where to find?

I tried dehydrated garlic cloves in Texas recently. They were in the bulk bin in a local grocery store. They were very delicious. They tasted just like garlicky potato chips and were deliciously garlicky without any bitterness or harsh pungency. I want more! I looked for them here in NoVa at my local groceries and at Reston Whole Foods but didn't see any. Have you seen them around anywhere?

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  1. I think I've seen them at the Filipino Grocery store in Tenleytown - "Danny's Tindahan" - 4115 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington, DC 20050. It's a cute place that also has prepared Filipino food to go (lunch and weekend only, I think). Call them? I haven't been in a few months so it's not a sure bet.

    1. Whole Paycheck usually has them under the Just Garlic label.

      1. Ok, thanks. I recently bought a garlic snack, sold with nuts, etc at an outdoor market. They look exactly like dried garlic cloves. The woman selling them said thy had been deep fried but I question that since they are completely dry in the centre and not like a deef fried or roasted product. I bet they were dehydrated and then fried or perhaps even vice versa. No help to you at all, I realize, since I am in San Miguel De Allende Mexico but you may have a look at a local Mexican grocer. In the meantime I am going to buy a life time supply to take home and pray that customs will allow them through.