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Sep 4, 2012 06:01 PM

Best White Burgundy under $20 to bring

Looking for a few suggestions of a White Burgundy reasonably priced

Doing a ladies nite dinner in honor of Julia Child at the end of September and the proposed menu screams for a white - all the other friends love white and I hardly EVER drink white!

SO , looking for some help here as whites are out of my comfort zone......

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  1. Does it have to be a Burgundy? Not the easiest request. And depending what you have access to wine store wise it just really depends. These are some of the major Burgundy producers you might see available. They usually have a couple wines that are decently priced (though not necessarily great and not necessarily under $20):

    Domaine William Fevre
    Louis Jadot
    Joseph Drouhin
    Louis Latour

    1. My go-to inexpensive white Burgundy is Domaines Leflaive, Mâcon-Verzé. About $26.

      1. The menu screams for a white... or screams for Chardonnay? two different things right?

        At any rate I recently enjoyed Alain Geoffrey Cuvee la Marguerite Bourgogne which I've seen for $20 and under.

        Another wine I had recently which I preferred to the above but which you'll have a harder time finding is the Macon-Solutre from Domaine Jean Pierre Seve which I've seen $17-24.

        I also think the producers listed above by others are reliable.

        I think you may find best bargains in the Maconnaise. The Saint-Veran region in my experience is generally underpriced for Burgundy, although I have not been knocked out by examples I have had.

        1. You should be able to fine Louis Jadot's Pouilly Fuisse at just about $20, if that's okay with you. If you go just a tad ABOVE $20, however, the selection improves significantly.

          You should be able to find some tasty Chablis in your price range.

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            Funny, I thought this wine would have been a bit higher. I looked and I see this for $17-18 around my state, which seems to me around the price it commanded when Poilly Fuisse was thought of as over-priced due to popularity some ten or more years ago.

          2. wow - someof this is all new to me - but awesome info to go to my wine purveyor with!

            thanks CH'rs