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Best White Burgundy under $20 to bring

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Looking for a few suggestions of a White Burgundy reasonably priced

Doing a ladies nite dinner in honor of Julia Child at the end of September and the proposed menu screams for a white - all the other friends love white and I hardly EVER drink white!

SO , looking for some help here as whites are out of my comfort zone......

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  1. Does it have to be a Burgundy? Not the easiest request. And depending what you have access to wine store wise it just really depends. These are some of the major Burgundy producers you might see available. They usually have a couple wines that are decently priced (though not necessarily great and not necessarily under $20):

    Domaine William Fevre
    Louis Jadot
    Joseph Drouhin
    Louis Latour

    1. My go-to inexpensive white Burgundy is Domaines Leflaive, Mâcon-Verzé. About $26.

      1. The menu screams for a white... or screams for Chardonnay? two different things right?

        At any rate I recently enjoyed Alain Geoffrey Cuvee la Marguerite Bourgogne which I've seen for $20 and under.

        Another wine I had recently which I preferred to the above but which you'll have a harder time finding is the Macon-Solutre from Domaine Jean Pierre Seve which I've seen $17-24.

        I also think the producers listed above by others are reliable.

        I think you may find best bargains in the Maconnaise. The Saint-Veran region in my experience is generally underpriced for Burgundy, although I have not been knocked out by examples I have had.

        1. You should be able to fine Louis Jadot's Pouilly Fuisse at just about $20, if that's okay with you. If you go just a tad ABOVE $20, however, the selection improves significantly.

          You should be able to find some tasty Chablis in your price range.

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            Funny, I thought this wine would have been a bit higher. I looked and I see this for $17-18 around my state, which seems to me around the price it commanded when Poilly Fuisse was thought of as over-priced due to popularity some ten or more years ago.

          2. wow - someof this is all new to me - but awesome info to go to my wine purveyor with!

            thanks CH'rs

            1. Roland Lavantureux Petit Chablis 2010 runs about $20 and is delicious.

              1. William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux is usually found in any good wine shop and is very much a crowd pleaser.

                1. Under $20 for white Burg is a fairly extreme limitation. You won't find anything above the village level at this price point, and mostly from the lesser regions (Chablis being one exception). Julia Child - who never missed an opportunity to recommend an Yquem whenever appropriate - would be most disappointed.

                  Any possibility that you would move to the $30-40 range?

                  And are you looking for something like a racy, no/low-oak Chablis with intense cut or a more opulent and oaky burg like something from Meursault?

                  EDIT: are you in Mass like me? If so, I might be able to give you some Boston area recommendations if you can expand a bit on what sort of white Burg profile you're looking for.

                  1. There are several négociants, who produce pretty good, entry-level Macon-Villages, that might fit the budget.

                    As mentioned above, Louis Latour and Louis Jadot do some. Personally, I like bigger white Burgs, like Meursault and Montrachet, but finding good examples in that budget will be tough.



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                      Thanks Bill and to all
                      I found a great article , WHITE BURGUNDIES! in the Wine Spectator 9/30/12 which my husband provided as a gift subscription for me just this month!


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                        Hunt, that has been exactly the experience of my wife and I. We've enjoyed many Macon-Villages with an occasional Meursault or Montrachet, as the budget allows.

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                          We will do several Macon-Villages for our "daily whites," but then have the "big-boys" on hand for later, or for the appropriate dishes. Some lovely little wines, and the bank does not get broken.


                      2. already see some nice suggestions.....i think it is harder to find a nice bottle of white for under $20 then finding red....also it makes it even tougher when you throw in burgundy.
                        that being said, here are some that i have enjoyed in the past:

                        2010 J.M. Boillot Montagny 1er Cru @ $20+/-
                        2010 Domaine Matrot Chardonnay Bourgogne Blanc @ $15+/-
                        2009 Domaine Leflaive Mâcon-Verzé @ $25-$30

                        good luck hunting

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                          Now, I have only tried # 1 (though think it was the 2008?), and it WAS a very nice wine.

                          I know the other two producers, but have not had either of those offerings. Still, they each do some nice, fun wines, at good price-points.

                          Thank you,


                        2. Just read this article on affordable white Burgundy in the Chicago Tribune and thought of this thread. Many of the wines recommended are affordable [quoting]:

                          2009 A. & F. Boudin Chablis: Always a mystery how Boudin manages to combine taut, piercing acidity with fatness of texture and extract in its pinpoint-perfect Chablis; a dusting of chalk. $18-$22

                          2009 Jean-Pierre Berthenet Montagny 1er Cru "Vieilles Vignes": Killer price for round, richly rendered chardonnay from low-yielding vines; its great charm is its texture. $20

                          2009 Olivier Merlin Macon La Roche-Vineuse: High points for this crisp white are its spine of minerals, fat texture and lengthy flavors and finish. $18-$20

                          2010 Clotilde Davenne Saint-Bris: All cool-climate sauvignon blanc; fresh, lively, incisive, with characteristic lime pith and grapefruit notes in aroma and flavor; zippy close. $15

                          2010 J.J. Vincent Pouilly-Fuisse "Cuvee Marie Antoinette": Liquid Creamsicle, with notes of acacia blossom, fresh milk and lots of zesty acidity; no wood to bother its freshness of flavor and verve. $25

                          2010 Joseph Drouhin Rully: Minerality in the Chalonnaise often shows up, as it does in this round, textured white, as more an earthy than a chalky tone; delicious, juicy chardonnay fruit, with well-etched acidity. $20

                          2010 Thierry & Pascale Matrot Bourgogne Blanc: Could well be a declassified Meursault for its buttery texture and bouquet, silken texture and abundant minerality; just sayin'. $20-$25

                          Article is here:

                          1. My favorite under $20:

                            Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Blanc Les Setilles ~$15.99

                            The 2008 was excellent. Drank 6. Kicked myself for not buying more. Just bought 2 cases of the 2010. Simple but delicious chilled and you know you're drinking white Burgundy.