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Sep 4, 2012 04:44 PM

Desperate for bushels of tomatoes for sauce

Im looking to buy bushels of tomatoes for sauce. I know I am late in the season, and already called Corrados Farm in New Jersey to buy the , and they advised they will most likely be out of them. I'm looking to do my sauce September 15th. Any help I can get I woul greatly appreciate. Websites say I should be able to get them through to October. Any direction would help! I'm traveling from long island. Thank you!

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  1. If Corrado's has them available presently, are you opposed to purchasing them now? They will certainly hold in a cool environment until the 15th. While you may not be able to purchase wooden bushels anymore....cases of tomatoes are always available.....but again, I would advise to purchase now and allow them to ripen for the 15th.

    If you come up to Corraqdo's can also shop at the nearby Paterson Farmers Market.

    1. You can try Hillcrest Farm in Verona or Mattarazzo's in North caldwell.

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        Great question! Now I am motivated! Suggestions for places for tomatoes in Monmouth county too please!

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          Laurinos on 537 across from Dorbrook Park. He sells older tomatoes at lower prices. Perfect for making sauce.

      2. Arvin's on Rt 22 usually has them.

        1. Consider contacting Race Farms in Belvidere - near the Delaware Water Gap. It's a bit farther than the others, but they'll probably pack up as many as you can manage.