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Sep 4, 2012 03:43 PM

Baby-friendly in the Berkshires?

My wife and I are headed up to the Berkshires in a couple of weeks with our 5-month-old son. Obviously, we're not setting our dining expectations that high - we're just basically looking for baby-friendly places for lunch and places we can put together a nice takeout dinner for our hotel room once our little one goes to sleep.

We're staying in Great Barrington and figure the Gypsy Joynt is a natural for lunch. But we may be taking some trips further north, so would appreciate any suggestions throughout the Berkshires. Also, recs for any good takeout places - perhaps some cafes/food stores that have really good prepared foods - would be welcome.


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  1. Guido's market on rt 7 on the Lenox line is a great source of lots of takeout and prepared foods, everything for sushi to rotisserie chicken. They also have a little cafe in there, very low key, with interesting selections. And pretty darn good gelato!

    I guess there is a Guido's in GT Barrington too, though I have never been there.

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        Yes, south of the business district.

    1. Bizalion Charcuterie and cafe in great barrington is a sweet little place, very french, with some wonderful quiche and sandwiches and soups and some neat take-out things. The french owner is a doll.


      1. Agree with those recs especially Bizalion. The Guido's in GB is pretty much the same as the other one so no need to go to Lenox. Xicohtencatl is also good for lunch with kids, you can bicker about how authentic it is or not but the food is tasty. Also Rt. 7 Grill, mostly local meats although a tad expensive for BBQ.

        We have also successfully brought our baby to Cafe Adam at lunchtime if you want something a little nicer and was not out of place, dinner not so sure though.

        Would avoid the Barrington Brewery, while child-friendly the food is boring and the beer not that great.

        1. If you're here on a Thursday, the Meat Market in GB, a locally sourced pasture raised meat shop, does a really delicious fried chicken dinner, which you could get to go, I'm sure.
          Check out their website or fb page.

          1. Bizalion might have the best sandwich I have ever eaten.. #5 Baguette. Buttered, crisy, airy baguette with mustard (high end) thinly sliced french ham and runny slice of really great brie. I go every week, but would go every day. There is seating outside and communal seating in. Owners are friendly. Patrons are nice.