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Sep 4, 2012 02:57 PM

Fortune Dumpling, Atlantic Times Sq. Monterey Park

I've now been twice. The XLB are excellent, real contenders for the throne here in L.A. My favorite XLB are, as of late, a tossup between J&J and Shanghai #1 Seafood at lunch, but these could well make it a three-way tie for me. They are as juicy as either J&J, with a delicious, somewhat more clear broth that has slightly less of a livery flavor to it. The pork is perhaps slightly more subtle than J&J or Shanghai #1, so I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. The wrappers are thin (more so, certainly, than J&J, about the same as Shanghai #1), very pliable yet strong. I have yet to tear one while picking up a dumpling. They give you plenty of shredded ginger and there is black vinegar on the table.

I have also had their green onion pancake, which I thought was excellent. The beef roll, which was very good but if 101 Noodle Express is, say, a 10, this one would be about a 7.5 to an 8. It was a bit too sweet a bit too heavy on the lettuce and the wrapper had retained a bit too much oil. The wasabi fried chicken, that my friend ordered, seemed a bit dull at first but it grew on us. It didn't taste particularly wasabi-ish. I have had better at other Taiwanese places, notably at Indian on San Gabriel Blvd. The cold chili cucumber appetizer has a good amount of fresh chopped chili and garlic, but could use a bit more time soaking in the vinegar. (Didn't bother me too much since I simply dipped the pieces into some vinegar that is on the table.) They have draft and bottled beer, which is nice.

The first time I went it was before seeing a Chinese movie at the AMC Theaters in the same shopping center. I hope they continue to screen at least one Chinese film in the multiplex on a regular basis. It was very nice to be able to eat some excellent XLB, drink a draft beer, and then see a Chinese movie on the big screen. There are a number of other Chinese restaurants in the shopping center that look like they'd be worth a try. And parking is free.

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  1. I went there this last weekend. Their XLB was quite decent, but I like it better at JJ. We also had some other dumplings that were just so-so. I think they were pork and celery as well as shrimp and celery or something like that. The beef roll was crispy, but the filling didn't please my taste buds as much as those at 101 Noodle Express.

    The pig's ear was pretty good. We had a fried pork chop dish of some type. It was also pretty good. Service was decent.

    Overall, the restaurant was ok for me, but if I want something specific, such as a beef roll, I'd probably go elsewhere

    I have also ordered food from the Tasty Garden branch there. I didn't like it very much. The ones in Arcadia and Alhambra are better.

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      I must have had a different beef roll as the OP, because mine was not crispy at all and was too chewy.

    2. There was lettuce in your beef roll?

      That's disgusting. Send that recipe to 101 Noodle Culver.

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        Funny because it'd probably be true.