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Sep 4, 2012 02:52 PM

John & Sons - new oyster house coming to midtown!

Now here's some interesting news. The folks behind Rodney's by Bay are set to open a new oyster restaurant at 1 Balmoral (the old Terroni space). I don't know the timing but it looks like they're fixing the space up now. I haven't been there lately but have previously really liked the food, atmosphere and owner at Rodney's by Bay. This would be a great addition to an otherwise fairly uninspired stretch of Yonge street.

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  1. Yes, I'm looking forward to this one!

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    1. re: millygirl

      I had a great meal at Rodney's By Bay a couple of years ago, but I was back about a month ago, and the $23 lobster roll was tiny, and a major disappoinment. Fingers crossed this is a step up, or we were just unlucky that day... Not expecting much from the new place, but I hope I'm wrong...

    2. I also have my fingers crossed this is a good joint. I live in that area and there have been so many restaurant closures in the past year or so (Harry's Social Kitchen, Senior's, Simply Mexican, Divino, La Passione, etc.). We really need some quality dining around there.

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      1. re: onehaehyuk

        Walked by today and they seem to be moving right along. Here's an article from June:

        1. re: Sueb24

          Anybody been yet? Menu looks good...

          1. re: andyb99

            we went a few days back. i had the lobster cake and bouillibaisse, both of which i thought were very well executed and quite high quality. i did think the size of the lobster cake was a bit small for $15, though. seemed more like a $10 or 11 portion to me. also shared the jelly doughnuts for dessert; these need some work. they are too bready for doughnuts; they're more like really small sweetened rolls. for $8, i'd rather get the citrus doughnuts & shake at pangaea.

            however, be aware that the place is LOUD. we left with our ears ringing and nascent headaches. all hard reflective surfaces, music, tight quarters, lots of energetic young people. we live in the neighborhood and have really been anticipating this place, but honestly probably won't be going back simply because it's so damn loud. it's a shame, b/c the kitchen is clearly pretty competent.

            1. re: autopi

              Thanks for the review... I'm sure they'll fix that - doesn't seem like the kind of area where loud will work...

              1. re: autopi

                I've found desserts to be a weak spot there for sure.

        2. Just an fyi - the downtown location of Rodney's by Bay has now changed its name to John & Sons Oyster House. Not sure if anything else has changed there but I will report back after a visit later this week.

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          1. re: Cat123

            They have a story on their website about changing the name to reflect his kids. They also had to license the previous name from Rodney's Oyster Bar so it would make sense to break off and have their own name. I ate at Rodney's by Bay such a long time ago that I can't tell if the menu has changed drastically, but there is some overlap between the new location and the original one.

            1. re: Cat123

              Just had dinner here last night. I never went when it was Rodney's by Bay, but in its current incarnation the food was fabulous. I had a selection of half a dozen oysters, followed by perfectly cooked scallops with autumn mushrooms, sunchoke puree and parsnip crisps. It was a shame that they had run out of their featured wine, and that it was so noisy and full of men with more money than manners. Definitely not a place for single woman to enjoy dinner at the bar unmolested, as I discovered. Who can possibly think it's ok to hit on someone when her fork is midway to her mouth?

              1. re: Cat123

                Went to the downtown location last week and nothing had changed except the name.

                1. re: Cat123

                  Has anyone tried the Provencal Fish Soup downtown?

                  Or the Cioppino uptown?

                  The brunch at the uptown location looks good.