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Sep 4, 2012 02:02 PM

Diamond Mills Tavern - To Go or Not to Go? [Saugerties]

Hi Chowhounders!

We're off to a wedding in the Saugerties, NY area next month and thinking of making a weekend of it. We were going to stay at the Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern since there is no convenience like eating where you're staying, but it seems some of the reviews are...unsavory at best. But I trust CH'ers, so - Has anyone eaten at the Tavern? How's the chow?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't speak for the food because the restaurant was closed when we were there, I think on a Tuesday afternoon. If the weather is nice I would have at least one meal there and sit outside because I like the view. Otherwise I would probably just look out the window and eat chocolate all weekend from Krause's which is across the parking lot and IMO terrific. You also might want to make a reservation regardless as I was told the hotel is booked solid for the next year and the restaurant is very popular. The last photo was taken inside the hotel from a little deck that had room for two seats.

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      Cool Pics, chowdom! Thanks! And I'll remember the chocolate recommendation. Anyone else eaten at the Diamon Mills Tavern?

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        You're welcome have a great time! If you do go to KrauseI recommend the extra dark chocolate almond bark.

    2. Brunch is fine but dinners are awful except for hamburger. Went last night third and last time for dinner. . 1 hour to get an appetizer and longer for dinner. Service was awful and unavailable. Claimed there was a larger party. Others got dinner promptly. $32.00 filet mignon was dry and overcooked so they gave us sauce. Did not like fish stew. I'm done even though there are few choices in this area. Gorgeous setting in and out. Get a salad or their flatbreads. They can't cook dinners. Save your money there are better choices.

      Go to the bear in Woodstock about 20 minutes away. Great selections consistent.

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        Thanks, Getmines! Thinking I might try the Bear Cafe, or similar. Just too much bad press about Diamond Mills Tavern. Too bad :(

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          You won't go wrong with the Bear; also consider some of the restaurants in Hudson and Red Hook; they may be on the other side of the river but they're about the same distance. Do a search on Chowhound.

          Also, Krause's has gone down hill since the sons took it over. Consider Lucky Chocolate
 They're just up the hill in "downtown" Saugerties. Their truffles are to die for.

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            Bad Chocolate?!!? I've never heard of such a thing :) Thanks for the rec, jayjay - I have no problem checking out (read: eating my way through) both places and then making an informed opinion!!

            As for Red Hook and Hudson, I will keep those towns in mind. But I was really curious about what's going on out there on the west side of the Hudson!

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          I've had dinner there twice and it was delicious both times. I'm not sure what happened to your dinner but the service is terrific and I can't believe they wouldn't make it right.

        3. Any recent comments on this place? Their HVRW menu looks really good.

          1. We went to Diamond Mills Tavern for our anniversary, and were not really impressed, nor pleased with our meal. The service was very very slow, the food was sort of just meh. I wouldn't go back. The only thing I really liked was the truffle fries...but I'm biased...I like almost any french fries...

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              That's disappointing. I've read that the service is slow, so we are going on Saturday so I won't be as concerned about my 90 minute drive home as I would on a Sunday. I'll have to see if someone else posts a good menu to switch to, although I really do like DM's menu.