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Sep 4, 2012 01:39 PM

Fuloon issues?

I read on another food site (seriouseats) that Fuloon has gone seriously downhill in recent months. I have not been in over a year. Has anyone been very recently? Any noticeable changes in quality? Is the chef still there?

The changes to their website are not encouraging.

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  1. man, you got me worried. so I called just now. diane is still the owner; she says chef and everything is 'still the same'. but we haven't been there for 2 months maybe. was all 'like always' when we were there. Gross new website though. She told me a few yrs ago that they have a big regular client base of Northeastern students. Maybe the chef takes a vacation when the students go away for the summer...? ( I really hope something like that happened- as a possible explanation why SE was not happy w/ it.)

    1. I am not nearly as regular a customer there as I'd like (trying to watch the waistline and dishes like Jiang Pao Duck do not help), but on a recent visit my wife and I both felt like something was a bit off. The food seemed oilier and less vibrant than usual. The Kan Shue String Beans, which we've enjoyed numerous times and which we usually have no problem finishing, were woefully under-seasoned -- which is quite odd given that that dish is generally quite salty. And an order of dumplings tasted somewhat flat and maybe even old.

      I figured it was just an off night, but your post definitely has me a bit concerned. Losing Fuloon would be a major blow to the availability of quality Chinese cuisine in the northern burbs.

      1. I also would love to hear from some recent diners. I had a terrible meal there last time. I wrote it off to it being a holiday and the chef probably not working. The food looked the same but tasted bad with every sauce being essentially the same brownish thing.

        1. It was fine in late May when I was last there. I've been dieting this summer, so that means no Asian food for me.

          1. haven't eaten there in a few months but didn't notice any discernible change in the quality of the food