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Sep 4, 2012 01:33 PM

Any love for the Double T?

With area locations that would probably qualify it as a chain, I'm wondering if CHers in the area have any love for the Double T?

My intial visit over a decade ago wasn't very positive, and I didn't return until recently. Maybe I shouldn't have written them off after a single visit, or maybe they're improved over time, but my wife and I now frequent the Pasadena location a couple times a month.

Despite the size of the place they do a decent job with most of the dishes we've tried. At least to the point of being able to turn out an incredible number of diner classics. Their fried chicken dinner could feed at least a couple folks, and is great to order for leftover potential. Most of their Greek offerings are also rock solid if not exceptional. Breakfast 24 hours is a big draw for me, and theirs are better than average.

All in all it's turned into our go to spot when we can't come up with any other options.

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  1. Double T is part of my dining out in my childhood--the one on Route 40 and Rolling Road. As a kid I thought the food was great--especailly those desserts.

    Then as an adult the food was less inspiring, but still enjoyed a casual dinner. BUT--it became a BAD PLACE for me. Every time someone died in ny family, we had dined there a day or two previously. So, I became very superstisuous. Nothing to do with the food--it is /was typical diner food.

    Several years ago my hubby and I actually went there for Thanksgiving dinner--after visiting relatives and didn't want to eat at 4 p.m. at their house on that holiday. WE shared the time and then went to the Double T for the turkey dinner--I ordered something from the standard menu.
    The food was good--especially the turkey dinner---very good stuffing and lots of the standard accompanying go-withs.

    The evil came about when my aunt died a month later. that "evil" thing that happens and my superstition. I still like the Double T--but anyone can see my bias. My hubby goes there occassionally and enjoys a huge breakfast or lunch.

    I would love to love the Double T--but....I certainly would recommend it for the huge portions, cleanliness and fun diner atmosphere. Outrageous desserts--good service, reasonable prices. all what a diner should offer.

    None of the local diners, though, can compare to those that I've tried in the New Jersey and New York areas. Some of those were almost gourment oriented and could compete with any fine dining establishment. Fine dinining with tablecloths, music, and the best food--very creative dishes and even live music. FoiGras

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    1. re: FoiGras

      Wow, thats a rough association and I expect that the next time I order the gyro platter I'll be worried about my family on some level.

      I really wish there were more local mom and pop/diner style options in the area, but within a reasonable drive from home there just aren't. I was hopeful when the Nautilus Diner opened in Crofton a few years back, but it's really just another oversized diner themed place. Not bad, but not worth any significant travel.

      1. re: laststandchili

        I'm sure my superstitions have no influence on you. Enjoy your diners.

        Agree about Nautilus--I haven't been to the one in Crofton, but was not impressed by the one in the Towson area.

        When traveling up north, I've been to Mastore's in Jersey. That is a huge place and has very good Chicken Cordon Bleu. Busloads of tourists travel to the place. FoiGras

    2. We don't eat there often as we live in the DC area, but when driving to or from Philadelphia, if it is near lunch or dinner time we hop off the interstate to go to the one just above White Marsh. It has gotten to be something of a joke with us.

      I love diners and this is a true one, huge menu and breakfast any time of the day. The food is pretty decent, nothing to write home about, but we have always enjoyed it and it lets us find something for everyone in the car without having to negotiate likes and dislikes to choose somewhere to eat.

      1. I love Double T! I go there every time we have a power outage in Annapolis. Friendly staff, non-ironic, traditional diner classics done reasonably well. And when I order bacon and eggs for dinner, the waitresses somehow know to bring me tabasco instead of ketchup. Of course during a blackout, you kind of take what you can get. :)

        1. We no longer go there after the article in the Baltimore Sun from 2010. Now we make the trek over to the Broadway Diner on the east side of town.

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            We used to eat breakfast at the Catonsville one fairly regularly, but after that article about harrassment, we quit going also.

          2. Depends on which DoubleT you're talking about. They're not all equal. The one in Frederick I believe is the best. Catonsville, Ellicott City and Bel Aire, not as good. Mileage may vary, but that's my take.

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            1. re: flavrmeistr

              Agreed, depends on the location. Pasadena [off Route 2 & 100] is great when ever I'm up that way.
              Annapolis location, never again.,

              1. re: RobertM

                The Annapolis location has gone down hill and the food is horrible

                1. re: agarnett100

                  I just found out about them. I had breakfast the other day at the Ellicott City one. The corn beef hash was a bit dry, but tasty enough. While it's not as good as the better Jersey ones, it's better than anything else in the area for diner type food. I will return to try other dishes.

                  1. re: agarnett100

                    agreed. We had one nasty breakfast there (Annapolis Double T). Cold, undercooked french toast. I'm not all that picky but I wouldn't go back.