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Sep 4, 2012 01:16 PM

Singapore - indoors or outdoors?

We'll be in Singapore for 3 nights next month (October) and want to enjoy good food, but with a terrific view. Since one of us is a vegetarian, we've narrowed it down to 3 restaurants which all seem to have vegetarian choices and good views...Indochine Waterfront, LeVel33, and Equinox. At the 1st two (at least) they have both indoor and outdoor seating. Will it be too hot for southern Californians to dine outside, and do they have cover in case of rain? Will the views inside be good? Which would you do??

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  1. Indoors. It's humid and you haven't acclimatised to the heat in Singapore yet. The current smog from forest fires in Indonesia is not helping.

    1. Definitely indoors. But if you dress appropriately - light clothing, short sleeves for men/sleeveless for ladies, no jackets, you may like to lounge along the river-side seating for Indochine which has a relaxed feel. Again, like m-gomez pointed out, the heat and humid weather in Singapore can take a bit of getting used to. There is very little rain in Singapore at the moment, but Indochine can cover the outdoor seating area if it does, I think.

      Level 33 is high up, so you may get some breeze but I would still prefer comfortable indoor seating here in Singapore. The view is also still nice from there.

      1. For me, it absolutely positively has to be INDOORS, what with Singapore's 90+ deg F temperature and 100% humidity the whole year round.

        Even those of us who're born in Singapore, live in Singapore (and most likely will die in Singapore) cannot take the weather, let alone Californians (even southern ones) like you.

        1. It depends on the restaurant, Indochine for example has lots of fans and it is OK on the terrace, but do dress for the weather with shorts etc. That said on my last trip I ate in Indochine (not through choice) and found it very disappointing with every dish neutered - it was also outrageously priced (even though it was a business dinner).