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Pizza Quest - DC Area. Pacci's or Pizza CS or Pizzeeria Da Marco?

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Driving from NC to York, PA tomorrow. We'd like to get a good Neopolitan pizza off I-95 for lunch. I looked at Pizzeria DaMarco in Bethesda, Pizza CS in Rockville and Pacci's Pizzeria in Silver Spring. Which one should we stop at? Or is there someplace else you know about that I haven't found?

Thanks for help.

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  1. I'd recommend Pete's New Haven Style Apizza in Friendship Heights (http://petesapizza.com/friendship-hei...) -- arguably the best pizza in DC area. Great crust and various unique topping combinations.

    1. If you want Neapolitan (and don't want to get too far off the highway) I'd probably go to Pizzeria DaMarco. Other possibilities in Bethesda are Mia's and Haven (but Haven is not Neapolitan).

      1. You all are lucky to have so many great choices. In the Raleigh area, we have exactly one. Thanks for info. Close to highway made it an easy choice. DeMarco here we come. Thanks.

        1. Pizza CS in Rockville has delicious crust. Hitting on all cylinders now!

          (My only knock on the place is the cutlery. I'd rather bring my own plastic fork and knife than use the cheap stuff they've got!)

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            I agree -- of the three mentioned, I think Pizza CS is the best.

            But Pupatella in Arlington is even better. Though maybe a little more out of the way.

          2. Back from trip and wanted to report. Went to Pizza DeMarco on the way up. Place was pretty empty but it was raining. Got lunch pizza (Margarita) & salad for $10.95. Pizza was only fair - too much sauce made it quite soggy. Not much flavor. Ordered one each, but pizza is larger than usual Neopolitan so we would have been fine with splitting one.

            Coming home, we stopped at Pizzeria Orso near Tyson's Corners. Margarita again. Dough had great flavor. Good sauce and cheese. If crust had been done just a little more on the bottom, it would have ranked right up there with the best we've had. Order of meatballs was even better than the pizza. Service was first rate. If we lived in the area, we'd be regulars.

            Thanks for advice. Next time we'll try and get to CS.

            1. Wouldn't do da Marco because though the pizza is fine, the customer relations are actually harsh. We ordered a salad that came without all the ingredients listed, and the kitchen manager fought with us about filling up the plate with what was on the ticket menu -- it took 10-15 minutes to get the salad composed. Then they continued to fight about a difference in the charges, even saying, "Why should we give you a few bucks off since you won't be coming back."
              Perhaps we should have tipped for the self-fulfilling prophecy!
              But seriously, good restaurants, even pizza joints, aren't just about the food. The service, the atmosphere, the interaction with the restaurant staff all make a meal worth paying for.