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Sep 4, 2012 12:08 PM

Restaurant Week 2012

Ok, trying to make the board more active :)

RW is September 15th-23rd this year and after reviewing the menus Christopher's, J&G Steakhouse, and Noca all appear to be great values.

Anyone else planning to dine out for RW? Most restaurants aren't offering that great of a "deal", as in going to eat there on a regular Saturday would cost approximately the same as going during RW with a limited menu. I try to avoid RW due to crowds unless it is a very good menu at a very good price so would be interested to hear others thoughts on it.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I think Christopher's looks the best to my tastes and its an excellent deal with 3 courses of his food for $40. There is something in each course I'd order even off the full menu.

    Binkley's doesn't look too bad, either, although no choices provided. With the level of sophistication in his cuisine, that doesn't seem unreasonable to me.

    1. House at Hidden Garden seems good value

      Christopher's has a local dines, so not so sure that RW is a better value than that

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        I don't see Christopher's listed on localdines. Maybe that went away? If it were there, it would be a better deal, I agree.

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          he used to be on local dines...must have not renewed

        2. I've made reservations at Nobuo for RW, never been before, so DH & I are quite excited.

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            I went to Christopher's last RW for dinner. The portions were larger than I expected. But I also noticed their prices aren't all that high and they're on, so maybe it's not as much as a splurge as one might think.
            Nobuo has really declined in quality and service in the past 2 years. I've never been for RW but I can't imagine those haughty servers would be happy with RW diners if they can't be human to regular-price paying customers.

          2. We did two RW dinners this week, and had a great experience at both – Crudo and Bourbon Steak.

            We had made plans for Crudo with CH friends BillB656 and his wife, forgetting that it was RW, so we were happy to see the many options – four courses each for the first two savory courses and a choice of Tracy Dempsey desserts for the sweet. I especially liked that it featured dishes on the regular menu, so it was a perfect representative of their daily menu for $30 pp. I love this place. Details and pics here:

            E always picks a steakhouse for his RW choice. This year we’ve loved two dinners at Michael Mina (Bellagio, LV) and enjoyed a HH at American Fish (Aria, LV), so Bourbon Steak has been on our list for a while. It did not disappoint. We started with cocktails at the bar (nice list – I had a Vieux Carré and a Last Word), and tried the oysters and lobster/crab roll off the HH menu.

            For dinner, I loved the spicy housemade merguez sausage with red wine lentil cassoulet, and my duck with cioppolini and Brussels sprouts hash was cooked perfectly – tender, rosy-rare, with crispy rendered skin. I also ordered the optional foie and it was especially nice with the huckleberry compote that came with the duck. For dessert, a delicious passion fruit panna cotta with coconut sorbet. E had to go off-RW when he saw the lobster pot pie with brandied cream sauce on the menu. I think the pics are self-explanatory. A decadent splurge. For his dessert, he was treated to beignets with Tongan vanilla crème brulée, Valrhona dark chocolate pot de crème, and Macallan 18 year butterscotch pudding. And a treat for me was a foie dish off the new fall menu. WOW. It’s my new FAVORITE foie prep in town– foie gras torchon with creamy butternut squash, spicy pepitas, and spiced pumpkin bread. I was so enamored, I forgot to take pics. It made a perfect second dessert. Highly recommend. We also had excellent service.

            Great intro, and we already have plans next week for a return visit for Happy Hour.

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              We too went to BS for RW - it was decent, but not as good as prior Mina experiences. Great Duck and an awesome fried chicken. Really good desserts, but the foie was stringy and poorly cleaned. Staff was great too us. I'd go back, but I wouldn't RUSH back.


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                Oh, disappointing about the foie, sorry to hear.

                Would love more on the fried chicken, though. As you know, the spicy fried chicken I had at Jean-Georges Steakhouse in LV was fantastic, so now I'm intrigued about Bourbon's. We had a chance to chat with the chef a bit and I was duly impressed. We're definitely in the "rush back" category.

            2. We ended up at Capital Grille (SO's choice) and Christopher's. Capital Grille was as expected, great steak, great service, overpriced wine list. Overall, enjoyed ourselves as we always do there. Capital Grille is our favorite of the chain steakhouses.

              Christopher's was good but not outstanding. Our server was very knowledgeable and friendly but seemed to have too many tables to take care of. Many guests were doing the wine pairing with restaurant week so that seemed to make him quite busy.

              I started with the foie terrine, after a minor snafu due to plastic wrap still being on the terrine I enjoyed it but it wasn't my favorite foie dish in town. The onion tart with bacon for course 2 was ridiculously good however, which was surprising for such a simple dish. I had coq au vin for course 3 which was probably the best cooked chicken breast I've ever had but, again, overall not an exciting dish. And of course we added on a Gran Marnier souffle to the end of the meal which was fantastic (and kindly comped due to plastic wrap snafu). So overall everything was well executed but I think I'd prefer to go back and do the regular menu as the RW options were all pretty tame.