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Sep 4, 2012 10:59 AM

Breakfast Club - Lake City Way - Seattle

As I've mentioned, our SEA kids live in the area and with the grandbaby we do a lot more in the area :) We've eaten at Breakfast Club (on Lake City Way at about 125th) several times and love it. It will probably seat 20 and there are always regulars. It's 'home cookin' at its best. The other day we had corned beef hash with poached eggs and it was right up there with the best ever. When I complimented our server, she said she makes it from scratch, used to take forever but now she has a little grinder for the meat. You get the point :) Perfectly soft poached eggs and well-done English muffin as requested. Highly recommend.

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    1. Back in Seattle for our annual visit. Had breakfast here for the second time today. First time was the CBH. Today we had the chicken fried steak. If there's a single dish for which we're connoisseurs, it would be CFS. This was the best we've ever had. A healthy portion and the gravy has both sausage and bacon in it. Amazing. Great potatoes, perfectly cooked eggs and English muffin. We'd drive long distances to eat here.