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Sep 4, 2012 10:31 AM

Looking for Chateaubriand (Preferably Central OC)

My wife is interested in a good Chateaubriand meal. We're in Lake Forest. I've been poking around the web without much success. One place across from John Wayne Airport, Gulliver's, seems to have it but comments aren't generally very favorable about the restaurant.

Any help out there?


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  1. Well, if you are ever up Fullerton way then you and your wife should give The Cellar a try for their cb for two...

    1. Sounds like your wife would enjoy The Hobbit, in Orange. Very "old school". They serve a fixed-menu every night, with a rotating series of items along the lines of Chateaubriand. Their is only one seating, and it's quite a unique experience. They do what they do very well - it's not really my "thing", but it's fun to do at least once. Check it out !

      1. Thanks, both of you (so far)! I'll look into both places. Appreciate the input on these two unfamiliar spots.


        1. I'll toss out Dal Rae although, not in your preferred area.