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Sep 4, 2012 10:13 AM

Green Bay this weekend for the football game. Need Sunday brunch and post game ideas.

Traveling to GB this weekend for the football game. I have researched this board and other sites.

1. Looking specifically for any Sunday brunch ideas that I may have missed. Looking for good food, primarily.

2. Looking for post-game dinner ideas. Many places are closed on Sunday. Here we want the best food possible, but will also sacrifice a bit on the food for TVs so we can watch the evening game. So far I have found Old Chicago (a chain) and Curleys (at the stadium). I THINK Old Chicago has TVs, but would love confirmation from those who know. Also, is Curleys, either before or after a game, a total nightmare from a crowd perspective?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I travel to Green Bay frequently for business. I always stay at the Aloft, which is only a few blocks from Old Chicago. While I typically have trouble endorsing chains, this is one that I often recommend. The beer selection is really fantastic, over 100 to choose from, the wings are very good and the rest is well above average. I personally like their pizzas, but let's be honest, taste in pizza is as subjective as steak. The TV setup is good as well. You'll have no trouble watching a game in comfort.
    I cant speak to Curlys for game day, especially their closing time, but they have good food, and also a large sports game area as well as TVs.
    Can't help you with brunch.
    Other rec's for Dinner would be Hinterland for a "foodie" dinner. Its good, really good, on par with restaurants around the country. For steak, Republic is the best I've found. It is very inconsistent though, when it's on it's really good.

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      Thanks. I have researched Hinterland and Republic, as well as a couple of other places on this board (Joe's Texas BBQ and Chefusion), all of which are closed on Sunday. So I guess that leaves Curleys or Old Chicago. But we are definitely doing Hinterland on one (or both) of the other nights.

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        Good call on both of your other choices. Ive posted on both places before. Joes really does great BBQ

    2. I don't get to GB that often and must admit I'm not a Packer fan, but I am still from WI and enjoy a good beer and some bar food. With that in mind, I'd recommend Titletown Brewing Co for the microbrews. No sure what their hours are, but the beer is worth the visit.

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        Thanks for the tip. I'm not a Packer fan either. We are coming to see the opposing team!