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Sep 4, 2012 10:01 AM

Le Restaurant at L'Hotel - thoughts?

I've tried searching for information, but either this restaurant hasn't been discussed or the threads are hard to find due to the generic name. Pictures of the room and food look great, and it is a Michelin 1-star, but I haven't had much luck finding reviews. The 5/7 course menus with wine for 130/160E seem reasonable. Has anyone been there?

To clarify exactly which restaurant I'm talking about, it is in L'Hotel at 13 Rue Des Beaux-Arts in the 6th arr.
And here is a link to their website:

Thank you!

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  1. Yes I've read about it and even gone by to look at the menu. For some reason despite Figaro's 3 hearts and Michelin's star this sort of statement is less than inspiring "Il n’y a parfois rien de plus vache que de cuisiner dans un décor. Soudain, les nourritures n’ont plus d’autres vertus que de faire tableau." It's pricey and the fact that no one talks it up is an indication of something.

    1. We went last February and took the fixed menu with wine. Fine, but not up to one star standards. Our table was all (fluent) French speaking Anglophones, but it was one of those situations--perhaps recognizable to certain on this board--where the waiter simply insisted on forcing his bad English on us. As for the wine served with the dishes, they were very strict about one glass per course, even charging extra for yours truly when I asked for a bit more Bordeaux.
      You're probably not looking for recommendations about other fixed price menus with wine, but let me suggest all the same a much more enriching culinary (and aesthetic) experience, the Chiberta (a farm team of Guy Savoy, one star, I think), which at least the last time we went had a fabulous menu with wine that is excellently chosen and very generously served, and all in beautiful dining rooms furnished with stunning paintings by Gérard Traquandi, arguably France's greatest living painter.

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        I am definitely looking for recommendations (see my other thread posted last Thursday)! I am just trying to avoid being another new poster asking very general questions without doing my own research. Chiberta's web site makes it look great - thank you.

        Based on your and John Talbott's responses, we will most likely steer clear of Le Restaurant for a splurge meal.