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Sep 4, 2012 09:53 AM

Best place to buy Bell & Evans in Queens?

I've noticed that places like Sorriso pork store in Astoria, Iavarone brothers in Maspeth, and Metro meats all carry Bell & Evans chicken, generally discounted from what you would pay at a chain supermarket like Stop & Shop. Which store would you personally go to for B&E chicken, based on freshness mostly? Anyone have good or bad experiences to share regarding any of the shops I mentioned? Is there another place you recommend in Queens? I have a car so it doesn't matter where in Queens. Many thanks in advance!

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  1. I usually buy from North Shore Farms at the Little Neck/Great Neck border because I live close by. Fresher than Fairway in general. But Fairway is better for beef.:
    90 Horace Harding Blvd.

    1. I regularly buy them at my local butcher, C & J Prime Meats on Roosevelt Avenue in Woodside. I find their prices more reasonable than Ottomanelli, just a few blocks down, and other than that chicken they have a very nice selection of meats and good staff.

      1. I shop at Metro meats and i'm very very picky about freshness, and Mitch has the best prices I think--he's very accomodating there, and he can even order organic bell evans turkey breast if you want it too

        1. Sorriso does not carry Bell & Evans chicken! Even though they blatantly advertise they do with the posters they have on their windows and doors, it is a LIE! Contact B&E yourself and you will find out that Sorriso was duping people. Shame on them!

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              I contacted B&E myself, and was told Sorriso does not sell their brand chicken. Also, I encourage anyone with doubts about whether or not they are getting B&E to call them up themselves, and confirm whether or not their butcher/grocer/ etc. is really selling them the brand they claim to. You might be surprised by the truth! I am beyond disappointed with what I learned and will never shop in that store again.