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Sep 4, 2012 09:54 AM

Cherokee Street - Mexican (St. Louis)

My friend and I plan to do a bit of exploring on Cherokee Street when we visit STL this weekend. I've noticed from my map that there is a little concentration of Mexican places at one end of the street. Any thoughts on these? Do any of them serve alcohol (not that I'm a total drunk, but a good margarita with lunch is nice when you're on vacation!).

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  1. Yes they do. Def check them out. One of the more popular ones is outside and does NOT serve alcohol which is La Vallesana. But others do.

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      Vallesana's paletas (popsicles) are fabulous. You can get a marg anywhere. I am also fond of El Torito across the street, the grocery store with a cafe inside. The Cubano torta is killer, and don't expect a Cuban sandwich.

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        I ordered a Cubano years ago and fed five of us with it. Even the vegetarian among us took two passes. It's one crazy sammich.

    2. Don Carlos ( El Torito Restaurant and supermarket ( Tower Tacos ( are the only Mexican restaurants on Cherokee that have liquor license and they are all really great, have different specialties- in fact all of the mexican restaurants on Cherokee are all wonderful, delicious and unique.

      la vallesana (


      Siete Luminarias is fairly new and is really tasty- and they are working on getting their liquor license.-

      Gardunos ( El Bronco ( ...

      There are also two great Mexican Bakeries on Cherokee El Chico and Diana's Bakery. WHile you are on cherokee, stop by the many antique shops, galleries and unique stores- you can find out more about the street here

      Enjoy your trip to st. louis. also make sure you go to the city museum

      here is a list of 8 things that are a must for out of towners (including cherokee

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        Thanks for all of that advice. This is probably my 8th visit to St. Louis, for no other reason than that it's a fantastic and fun city to visit. Our dinners for this trip, by the way, are Vin de Set, Farmhaus and Salt. The generous and knowledgeable folks who post on this board have been very helpful over the years with my culinary itineraries.

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          Great plan to visit St. Louis and Cherokee. I'd also suggest heading on Cherokee to the other side of Jefferson and checking out some of the eclectic antique shops. If you need a break, stop at the Mud House. Nearby neighborhoods are Benton Park and Lafayette Square (where I live). Both areas (especially LS) have interesting dining choices, and the shopping strip in LS along Park is worth a visit. If you let us know where you see staying, more recs will follow.

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            Staying at the Sheraton on 14th St. Have explored (and loved, loved) Lafayette Square. Have eaten at Niche and Sidney St., but not really explored Benton Park on foot. Have explored CWE quite a bit. Totally in love with Soulard (Clementine's, Soulard Market, Soulard Coffee Garden, Franco's). Yes, the main purpose for the visit to Cherokee was for the antique shops, but then noticed on my map all of the Mexican food, so thought that would be a good way to punctuate that day. Am definitely interested in cool art and architecture (and of course FOOD!!), so keep the recommendations coming. Not sure if I can do another BLT from Crown Candy though - my heart is still recovering from last year's adventure there!

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              Great to hear, ClevelandRandy. If you've not poked around South Grand you might do that, and if you do stop by Tower Grove Park. The Hill too has some places worth visiting, let me know and I'll try to steer you away from the tourist trap places. Also, not sure if you are a craft beer type of person but that scene has exploded in the last year or two. Probably close to a dozen in the city alone. Civil Life in south city is NOT to be missed, and even further south is Perennial Artisan Ales. Wow to both! I'd suggest trying Riverbend for excellent Cajun- influenced food in the Soulard area, and if you are in the mood for late night weekend eats the Benton Park Cafe has a somewhat edgy late night clientele but some of the best late night eats one could ever ask for. Try the Pulitzer and/or the Contemporary Art Museum in Midtown if so inclined. Try Fountain on Locust if in the Midtown area, esp. If the long lines at Pappy's BBQ scare you away (best in town is at Bogarts in Soulard, and I can walk to it!). Laumeier Sculpture Garden in Sunset Hills is worth an hour or two of your time. Farmhaus is just a few exits east from Laumeier of I-44, so that could work for you. Let us know if we can help with anything else, and do report back!

      2. I like Garduno's a lot. Having lived in Mexico for a number of years I think it is the most like authentic. The Margaritas are bad, so order one of the many Mexican beers. The tamales are very good.

        1. The stl Hispanic Festival is downtown this weekend at Keiner Plaza. It's a total blast and they have the best tamales there.( Look for the Lindo Michoacan stand.) They've got dancing, bands, all kinds of foods, and beers and margaritas.