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Sep 4, 2012 09:49 AM

Looking to buy a new Electric Can Opener

Back in February my cheap $10 electric can opener died after 10+ years of service. In March I had to put everything in storage, so I have not really worried about having to replace it until now.

The old one was extra tall, meaning it would handle the taller cans.
I like that feature.

I have read the various discussions about hand held can openers and will check out the OXO line next time I am at the cookware store. Need easy to grip items.

What features in an electric can opener should I be looking for? What are you using? Why do you like the one you use?


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  1. This West Bend gets good reviews. I didn't know these were made anymore.

    1. We have had the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener for about 5 years and wouldn't use anything else. Its side cutting system removes the lid without any sharp edges and the lid can't fall into the can.

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        Where I have been staying for the past 6 months has this Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener. Last night I used it to open a large can (28 oz) of canned beef and it couldn't open it. I was disappointed to say the least.

        1. re: emeraldjules

          I'm trying to imagine *why* it couldn't open it. I can see where a can would be too tall, and, you'd need to move the can opener to the edge of the counter?

          I've never owned an electric. I used an Ecko Mini Compact Can Opener for years, until the teeth wore down and couldn't grip the lid. It does require some effort, as it does not use a sharp edge to cut the lid. I've had the OXO SoftWorks Can Opener for a few years, and it works well. I'm pretty sure I bought it at Target.

          I can't justify giving up counter space to open cans, but, maybe if my arthritis got really bad, I could. I also like the fact that I can easily pass a manual opener under hot running water, and give it a wipe, after opening something like tuna.

      2. We loved our old Krups Open Master electric can opener. Unfortunately, when the cutter finally became too dull and we needed a new one, the product was no longer on the market. We bought the West Bend, which has good reviews and works OK, but doesn't cut the lid quite as cleanly as the Krups did. I've gone back to using a manual can opener. I have the OXO with the rubber handles and big knob that is easy to turn and like it very much.

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        1. re: cheesemaestro

          Thank you cheesemaestro for the input!

        2. I have used the Oxo can opener that side cuts the lid and find it works okay. I have also used electric can openers of various sorts for many years.

          Today, I'm finding the Swing-Away manual can opener is easy to use and the one I reach for most of the time. It is actually easier to use then the electric can opener I have. It is easy to turn and grip so, while manual it is usable even when my grip strength is low or my wrists are bothering me.