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Sep 4, 2012 07:33 AM

Irish pubs in Monmouth County?


I was going to ask for folks' thoughts comparing St Stephen's Green and Harrigan's ... but over the weekend realized how many Irish bars/taverns/pubs there are in the area, and thought I'd solicit impressions on the good, the bad, and the empty chairs ....

I like Irish food, and the Irish Breakfast at St Stephen's was pretty good. Also like a good pour of stout ... but a good beer selection beyond that, as well.

Any ideas?



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  1. I am not an Irish Pub kind of guy however I can tell you from my experience on the board McDonough's in Keyport and the Dublin House in Red Bank are probably two of the favorites. Good luck!


      Definitely a winner except if there's a big game on Sunday afternoon !
      Family oriented and Irish music some Sundays and their menu is decent . I'm no fish eater but I have a hard time getting past their fish and chips - fresh cod well cooked and tasty fries .

      Good beer selection .
      Street parking .

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        We all know not to order pizza at an Irish bar - right?

      2. McDonagh's gets my vote. I have never had a bad meal there. Good friendly service!

        1. McDonough's, Dublin House, CelticCottage, Kelly's, Rod's... all decent bars, but just because there's Guinness and Tullamore Dew at the bar and Sligos on the menu it's not necessarily a true Irish pub. Nor is St. Stephen's a true Irish pub but IMHO it's the closest in the area.

          1. How about maloneys in matawan? I hear they have a great beer selection. I need to get over there.

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              We went to Maloney's twice. They do have a big beer selection - when they actually have the beer. One of the two times we went they were out of about 1/2 the tap beers. Food & service wasn't very good either. McDonough's is much better.