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Sep 4, 2012 07:26 AM

Kikunoi Roan

I am going to Kikunoi Roan in October. Can anyone suggest which of the three dinner menus (13,650yen, 15,750yen, and 18,900yen) we should go for? My instinct is the cheapest one, as I assume the more expensive one's simply use more unusual ingredients (rather than more food)

Can anyone confirm?

Also can anyone recommend a reasonably priced sushi restaurant in Kyoto for dinner?

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  1. I do not know about sushi in Kyoto but we had a fun meal at Giro Giro. I did not think it was the best meal I have ever had but it is probably the most outstanding meal I have had for under $50 per person. My wife loved it. I would have too if the flavours were more pronounced but that is just me being picky. Beautiful restaurant. Lively. Great service.

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      I'm happy to read this, Quddous, as a friend recommended Giro Giro to me after his visit to Japan last year. He's Japanese, and is a very accomplished cook, and he said he felt this was one of the best value meals that they had, in terms of quality for price. He liked the ambience too.
      Another friend has kindly phoned to make a reservation for us, as I found their website impossible, even with Google Translate.

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        Yeah.. I found their website impossible too. I think we just walked in and waited. I don't know if that is possible every night.

        I would recommend walking along the water on the other side of the restaurant prior to going to the restaurant.

    2. I would suggest to pay for the meal that you can afford comfortably. If you have not had a meal at a high end kaiseki then I would begin with the cheapest. If you enjoy it you can have a more expensive and nicer experience next time you visit Japan.

      Lunch at expensive restaurants in Japan is usually much cheaper than dinner and usually includes most of the same ingredients.

      Also I think Bourdain went to a sushi restaurant in Kyoto which is talked about quite often on the board and is recommended quite highly. You can search for it. I missed out but will go next time I am in Kyoto.

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        Sorry, the sushi restaurant is in Osaka (which is only a short train away). I much preferred Kyoto to Osaka but Osaka is still worth visiting if you have time.

      2. There is some difference in the price levels. The highest will at this time of the year probably feature wild mushrooms. From having eaten there quite a few times and having worked with a former assistant of Murata-san, my intuition is that the lower of the three options uses less expensive ingredients, like farmed fish instead of wild catch.
        In any case, this is despite many detractors posting on the web, one of Kyoto's great restaurants.
        Make sure to sit at the counter.