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Sep 4, 2012 07:08 AM

Food Event - Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival - September 7 to 9th, 2012 - Harbourfront Centre

For those who haven't been (and a reminder for those that have been), the Vegetarian Food festival is happening this weekend -

I have been in other years, and, even as a meat eater, I have enjoyed it.

Please also use this thread to post about your food experiences if you do go down so people who go later in the weekend know what to look out for.

In general there is a lot of sampling available and usually good deals on a variety of products.

It is free admission.

Friday - 4pm-9pm
Saturday - 12pm-9pm
Sunday 12pm-7pm

Harbourfront Centre
235 Queen's Quay West Toronto

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  1. Just a quick note/review of the event. Definitely was worth while going as a food destination again this year.

    Had a delicious $6 plate of food from Green Zebra catering company. I did a combo mac/cheese and Morocco Stew. Good flavour and great value.

    Also enjoyed the "raw" taco from Live Organic Food bar.

    Some great dessert options and good food deals too. Something to keep an eye out in future years even if you are not vegetarian.