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Sep 4, 2012 07:08 AM

Austin Farmer's markets

Can anyone advise which are the best Farmer's Markets in Austin, especially for organic fruit and veggies. Also meat and fish.

Struggling to find one that's NOT only on at the weekend. Would be great to find a weekday one!


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  1. I've been to most and I like the one at Landline mall. The downtown one is the biggest but getting to it and navigating it is hard.

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      Do you have a link for this? I cannot find any info on it anywhere. I've never heard of Landline Mall! Thanks.

      1. re: Lynne1960

        I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be Lakeline Mall.

        1. re: missmitzi

          The Lakeline Mall, also Cedar Park Farmers Market, has one over in Round Rock on Wednesdays.

          1. re: nadinep

            I really like the Cedar Park Farmers Market as well and I'm not just saying that because it's 5 minutes down the road from my house. They've got a good variety of vegetables and meat, bakeries, coffee, at least one trailer (usually 2) serving food, and a great sample booth right smack in the middle.

            The downtown one is nice. It's the one I went to prior to the creation of the CP market but it is too difficult to get to and park for. It usually requires a long walk from my typical parking spot. It seems like a lot of the merchants at the Downtown market also have booths at the CP market, so I'm not missing out on anything (except for Dai Due).

            1. re: nadinep

              They have canceled the Round Rock dates.

            2. re: missmitzi

              Yes I meant Lakeline. Post was made from my very cheap android phone. Lakeline is really good. Good selection of veggies and meats. Also great selection of cheeses, there's a lady that sells a killer queso. A lady also sells a KILLLER pesto there. So good on anything.

        2. I like Green Gate Farms. Their Farm Stand hours are on this site:

          1. The Triangle has a farmer's market on Wednesday evenings.

            1. Triangle has a market on Wednesdays... alot of the vendors at the downtown market go there. I'm personally partial to the downtown market and the Barton Creek market.

              Alot of the vendors at the markets sell in multiple locations and will also allow you to pick stuff up at their farms if you make arrangements with them... it really just depends from seller to seller.

              You may want to check out Johnson's Backyard Garden They are a CSA in the area. I've gotten boxes from them in the past, but they also sell at the markets... I know they are at the downtown market. You can also volunteer time with them to get free vegetables.
              I used to live close to the Barton Creek market and moved downtown last year. In my opinion, the downtown market is unmatched for meat between the two. Dai Due sells at the downtown market. You can get on their mailing list and every Tuesdays they will send out a list of what they are selling downtown on Saturday. You can reserve what you want... they have also recently begin to let you pick up directly from their kitchen on Fridays from about noon to 6 if you pre-order.
              There are other meat purveyors at that market as well... there's a guy who sells chickens that are the absolute best I've ever had... he sells out quickly, but they are amazing. There is also buffalo meat, pig, guinea fowl, offal, lamb, goat (occasionally), wild boar (occasionally), and probably several more I'm blanking on that are available... I know one vendor is already taking pre-orders for turkeys for Thanksgiving. I've mostly switched out to only eating duck eggs from the markets for my eggs. They are larger than chicken eggs, but I like them quite a bit. Not cheap, but worth it for when you want the eggs to star in the meal.
              There are alot of vegetable vendors... lately, I've been picking up sweet potato leaves at a couple fo the vendors... but you can find just about anything in season at the downtown market... melons started coming in this past week and I made a nice cantalope soup one night for dinner. They also have a vendor (usually on the 5th street side) that sells figs, persimmons, peaches, and other fruits when they are in season.

              What I suggest is to check out the markets everyone has listed here... I'd really suggest going to the downtown market, the CP market, Barton Creek and Triangle markets. If you find vendors you really like, ask them where they sell... there are several smaller markets around (like HOPE) which may work better for you or they may be willing to sell to you directly during the week if they are set up for it.

              1. Boggy Creek Farm and Springdale Farm are open on wed and Sat till 1-2ish for veggies. 5 mile Farms have more hours than that., check them here . There is Seafood at the new Mueller Farmers Market on Sun. Countryside Farms for meat...