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Sep 4, 2012 07:07 AM


Anyone ever seen this for sale in Austin?

(Move here from France and its sort of a staple over there. I really miss it!)

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  1. look for it sold as Celery Root - I've seen it in the roots sections at Central Market (near the horseradish, jerusalem artichoke / sunchoke, taro root)

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    1. re: cpencis

      Thanks! Central Market seems to be the mecca for foodies.

      1. re: Lynne1960

        Yep, +1 on Central Market. So what do you make with it? I love celeriac, but have only ventured as far as puree...

          1. re: Lynne1960

            I've made a cream of celery soup from CM celery root that was awesome. You wouldn't think that celery had so much flavor.

        1. re: Lynne1960

          Don't miss the food theme park. Whole Foods Downtown flagship.