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Sep 4, 2012 04:26 AM

Group dinner for 30 - AMA AMA vs Roy's

I'm hosting a bday party for 20 adults and 10 kids, all staying at aulani in February. I have not been to the resort and am trying to decide which venue has better food, service, and view. From what I've read the Roy's has golf course views only, and AMA AMA is outdoor seating only, Oceanside, so great as long as the weather is good. I suspect roys will be slightly less expensive, but not sure it is walking distance for the guess staying at the aulani resort. Anyone know how long it would take to walk over to Roy's? Some input guests have infants, strollers, do would not want to walk too far, and may not have a rental car. Thanks!

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  1. Did you make a decision already? Is this for lunch or dinner?

    Yes Ama Ama is all covered outdoor seating with views of the lagoon. The back deck at Roys overlooks the golf course and Coconut Plantation townhouses. Roys also has indoor seating which I prefer at night. Food at Roys is better and it's not far from Aulani. If I had to guess, maybe 15 min at stroller speed.

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      Heck, I'd go to Farrell's at Pearlridge personally....

      But at Ko'Olina, Roy's over Ama Ama.