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Sep 4, 2012 12:51 AM

Restaurants in 16th

We'll be staying at an apartment on rue Pergolese in the 16th during the last couple of weeks in September. I wonder if anyone can recommend some restaurants nearby.
We'd prefer something in the bistro mode, but are willing to try most anything, as long as it's not too expensive. We're both at home in French, so that's not an issue.
Also, before that we'll be spending a few days in Dijon. Any similar recommendations there?
BTW this is my first time writing on Chowhound, but i've very much enjoyed reading the discussions about France.

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  1. The 16th is another challenge - take the Metro 15 minutes to escape.
    If you're dead set Akrame & Les Debats are good.and I haven't been in a while but the Table Lauriston used to be.

    1. The 16th to me is difficult, our last visit to Les Debats was disappointing after loving it the previous visits. Rue Pergolese borders on the 17th and is a short walk to Caius , a very nice place on Rue Armaille and its much more casual little bistro across the street, Zinc Caius. Close by these two is an old school place, specialising in beef, Le Galvacher, on Ave. Ternes and just north of that is an old, one of a kind classic with a bargain wine list, Cave Petrissan, on Ave. Niel.

      Hopefully someone much more knowledgeable than I can help you with the Rue Pergolese area, but as John Talbott stated, why not use the metro which will get you anywhere in a reasonable time at a very reasonable cost.

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      1. re: Laidback

        Caius, Zinc Caius and Galvacher are all great ideas (I too was disappointed my last visit to Les Debats - strange after several good ones).

      2. i've been to the Michelin 1-star Le Pergolèse for a business lunch. Not bad and pretty good lunch value at 50 €. Food was indeed 1-star-able but the place is just a wee bit too expensive (dinner will be 100 to 150 €) and sedate to be thoroughly enjoyable and, if no expense account, I wouldn't return. Having said that, it does seem to be a favourite haunt of the moneyed Avenue Foch folks. I have also been to the cheaper Le Petit Pergolèse with some friends who live in the area and who described it as their "resto du quartier". The food was generally good but the 70 € tab (without wine) immediately collided with my notions of good value and of a good resto du quartier.

        Agree that Caius is your best bet in walking distance. But closed on Saturday and Sunday. A steak at the Relais de Venise-L' Entrecôte on the boulevard Pereire/ Porte Maillot is also a good option. If you avoid ordering something that has been hanging around all day (and avoid a particular easily exasperated eye-rolling waiter), the ultra-trad and ultra-cutesy Ballon des Ternes on the avenue des Ternes can also be satisfying... the fruit de mer is probably the safest choice. For a very superior seafood splurge, the pricey Rech on the avenue des Ternes is excellent.

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        1. re: Parnassien

          I would heartil;y endorse Rech where at lunch the "menu" is economically managable.

        2. I don't understand the general pooh-poohing of le sixteenth, to the point of having to mention places in the 17th in order to answer a question bearing on another arrondissement. It is by no means a food desert. Sure the area is not exactly fizzing with atmosphere but the restaurants are what the French bourgeoisie likes to have at hand: classicism, value, no-nonsense. Hence a good number of solid neighborhood bistrots and brasseries; not necessarily worth jumping to the ceiling and staying stuck there, but decent, well-prepared traditional stuff: Brasserie de la Poste, Brasserie Stella, Prunier Etoile, Le Petit Rétro, La Table Lauriston, to name a few, for many more good places are out of the foodie radar and thriving just the same. Le Petit Rétro has one of the most amazing period décors in Paris.

          Gems: Akrame of course (who is currently opening an annexe right across the street) but above all Les Tablettes by Jean-Louis Nomicos, itself worth a trip.

          And remember that, technically, La Grande Cascade (one of the most exciting/best value gastronomiques in Paris) is in the seizième.

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          1. re: Ptipois

            I quite agree that the 16th is always underrated. But the OP is staying in a quartier on the north side of the avenue Foch and, just out of sheer convenience, the adjoining part of the 17th is much more of natural focus than the rest of the 16th.

            1. re: Parnassien

              It is true that North of the avenue Foch not much is happening until you reach the Porte Maillot. But there's also La Villa Corse (haven't tried it lately, was really good first time I went), and Les Tablettes (avenue Bugeaud), Le Petit Rétro (rue Mesnil), and Akrame seem close enough to the avenue Foch to qualify.

              1. re: Ptipois

                "La Villa Corse"
                Ah I ate there with a charming woman and except for the fact that I thought Dillinger might come in any minute and blow us away, it was quite nice and I already said Akrame was a possibility.
                Also for the record, two of us ate today at Metropolitan in the Radisson on the place de Mexico and I will be posting the review this PM - in sum, quite pricey (eg 5 E a coffee with a 28 E forced choice lunch menu), quite elegant (wish I'd worn a tie) and quite good. Worth 110 E a couple for very light food but adequate portions? - I dunno.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  Now that you mention it, you have to know that you ate at one of the very best cocktail bars in Paris. I wrote a book about Paris cocktail bars this Spring, and the one at the Metropolitan was by far the most interesting. The bartender is a genius - on the classic side, but he delivers top-quality drinks.
                  Bento boxes from the restaurant downstairs are available at the bar, so if one fancies a good light dinner with a couple of martinis, this is the place. And the view over the Eiffel Tower at dusk is beautiful.

          2. For the record and future searhes "Le Galvacher" which both Laidback and I recommended is no more having been replaced by the second Petit Marguery this called the Petit Marguery Rive Droite.