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Sep 3, 2012 11:54 PM

What is the purpose of Golden syrup in melted chocolate?

Hey there,

I am planning to make a video blog on a homemade chocolate bar recipe and the recipe requires golden syrup to be melted down with the chocolate. I would like to explain why the golden syrup is needed. Any body know?

Also, what is the purpose of melting butter with chocolate too?

Any input would be helpful, thanks:)

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  1. I have no idea but being British I LOVE golden syrup! Mixing it with chocolate and butter sounds fantastic. Wouldn't it give the chocolate bar a moist sticky type of texture. Yummy!

    1. Sugar syrup of some form is used to sweeten so I assume your chocolate is probably 70% cocoa solids or more.

      Adding butter to melted chocolate makes it shiny and smooth.... mostly shiny.

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        Thanks to the both of you:). The recipe I will be adapting from is actually from the British cook and one of my faves, Nigella's Sweet and Salty Crunch Nut Bars (

        The recipe actually calls for both bittersweet and milk chocolate, however, she also says that you can use either one exclusively. So I don't think the syrup is just for the sweetening. Considering it is pure sugar, maybe its supposed to give the chocolate a particular texture or prevent it from setting up rock hard? Since its a chocolate bar, I'm guessing you wouldn't want your chocolate to become too hard after setting so perhaps the syrup is there to make it softer after setting since sugar lowers freezing temperatures? o.O

      2. I think the golden syrup will add lustre to your chocolate mixture, and will make it more shiny.

        1. I would imagine that Golden Syrup would behave similar to corn syrup to minimize sugar crystallization or the formation of larger sugar crystals.

          The added benefit of Golden Syrup vs corn syrup is Golden Syrup has a slight caramel flavor while corn syrup is just sweet.