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Sep 3, 2012 10:20 PM

Best Cakes in Calgary?

I'm looking to order a birthday cake for someone in Calgary (I am in USA) to be delivered on their birthday. I haven't personally tried any of the bakeries in Calgary so I was hoping you chowhounds could point me to the BEST cakes in Calgary! I did a little research online and found:


Are any of those the best? Or can you recommend one better? I just need one that is the best quality ingredients, the best cake, and hopefully will deliver. :


And if you can recommend a specific cake that is the favorite from the top bakery I welcome it.


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  1. Crave Cupcakes is one of the most popular bakeries in Calgary (and one of my favourites). I had their cupcakes at my wedding and had a birthday cake a few years ago. They do deliveries.

    Bliss & Co does great birthday cakes too. Not sure if they will deliver.

    Someone recently brought in a cake from Amandine to my office. The (carrot) cake was good but the icing was SO sweet. I have no experience with Decadent Desserts but heard they're good.

    1. My two cents:
      Decadent Desserts : AMAZING coconut cake
      Crave Cupcakes nice cakes but I find them to be too sweet for my taste
      Bliss & Co. really like their cakes plus they are nut free if that matters
      Brulee : I've had some nice cakes from here. I think it was the chocolate ganache we liked best. If you go with them I'd ask them to leave the real rose off the cake as it looked a little meh.

      If it were me, I'd go with the coconut cake from Decadent Desserts....depending I guess on whether the person you're getting the cake for actually likes coconut.

      1. You've received some good suggestions so I can only reinforce my favourites - Brulee and Bliss.
        Brulee - I have had recently both the lemon and chocolate ganache cakes for friends birthday recently and they both were amazing. The Chocolate ganache weighs 20 pounds but is the best chocolate cake I've ever had. They decorate them beautifully also.
        Bliss - They make best cupcakes in the city and aren't as sweet as Crave. They have a shop by my office so frequently have a mini cupcake. My favourite is the chocolate strawberry. I have seen their cakes but haven't tried them. They also have mini-free form pies which are awesome.

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          Funny thing about Bliss... I LOVED my friend's birthday cake. One of the best I've ever had. BUT... I didn't like their cupcakes, compared to Crave.

          1. re: katericht

            Brulee sounds amazing. I did not see anywhere on their website about deliveries so I emailed to ask. I would guess it's a no or it would have been listed. :/

            Hmm and decadent desserts will deliver, but for a $50 fee. Ouch. That's the same price as the cake! lol

            None have free deliveries? :) Or cheaper than $50?!!

            1. re: junglekitte

              Brulee and Decadent are small, one-location bakeries. Bliss has two locations but I'm not sure about their delivery set up.

              Crave has three locations in Calgary and has dedicated delivery cars. If I remember correctly, my wedding cupcakes cost around $20 for delivery. It definitely wasn't $50. I can't find my invoice (from two years ago!) so you'd have to call for a quote.

              Another popular shop in Calgary is Buttercream Bake Shop though personally, I find their cakes to be too oily.

              1. re: junglekitte

                Late to the thread, but I'll add my two cents...

                +1 Brulee - can't go wrong with any of their cakes, but Chocolate Ganache & Blackberry Dacquoise are superlative (especially decorated with fruit if you ask)

                +1 Bliss - mentioned above

                For something completely low key, this fellow does no advertising except for flyers - Lionel's Cakes -
                He personally delivers included in the price. The Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Mocha are fantastic, and well priced.

                I've tried almost all cakes in Calgary, including Crave, Decadent, etc. and Lionel's is probably the best cake for the value since he delivers. Brulee and Bliss are excellent in their own right.

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                  P.S. I called Lionel's cakes, but he never returned my call nor answered the three times I called. :/

                  1. re: junglekitte

                    Sorry for the late reply - and sorry Lionel didn't get back to you...

                    Hope your cake from Brulee was good!

                    1. re: ybnormal

                      They loved the cake! It was also very beautiful! :D

            2. We get a Bliss cake a couple times a year for birthdays, has never failed us. Our favorite by far.

              1. Great! Thanks again everyone. I went with the chocolate cake from Brulee. Hope he likes it! :)