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Sep 3, 2012 09:40 PM

Wedding reception ideas, September 2013, 150 people

My fiancee and are looking for a venue to hold our wedding reception, sometime around the labor day week-end in 2013. We're both big food lovers, so that is an important aspect for us. What we'd like is something more special than a wedding hall, not very far from downtown itself (<30-45 min driving), preferably under $150/person including open bar (must) and midnight table. We're targeting 150 people, and it would be banquet-style seating.

So far, the most promising option looks like Auberge St-Gabriel in the Old Port, since it seems to have the right combination of everything, including good food (according to some threads around here). Others that we are looking into: Hyatt, Sofitel, InterContinental, Westin, Restaurant du Vieux-Port.

Complicating matters is the fact that she lives in Montreal (for now), whereas I am on the other coast, so we can't visit too many places since I'm not around that often (but I'm here for the week this time around). This also means that the easiest thing for us is to go with a hotel-like experience.

I realize that there are numerous thread on this very topic, but hopefully we're different enough :). Many thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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        1. hi, we're planning as well with similar intent. just wondering where you ended up booking and what were the strong contenders?


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            We went with Hyatt. Strong contenders: Sofitel, Intercontinental, Hotel Place d'armes, Holiday Day Inn/La Plaza (Sherbrooke), Le Madison.

            Hope that helps!

          2. I'm having mine at the chateau at Mont-Royal (Beaver Lake) though I'm not clued in on cost or anything since my mom's footing the bill ;) Not sure how the food will fare but the surroundings are unbeatable!

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              At Beaver Lake, or at the lookout? The lookout would be catered. The Beaver Lake place has a restaurant.