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Sep 3, 2012 08:36 PM

Who is a CarbQuik follower? Recipies???

I truly found this to be very helpful, especially during football season. We love to make our version of pot pies, but with chilli.
Stromboli and calzones too...and pancakes are also yummy...
We love to frequent LindasDiet Delites in Clark, NJ...........also a great place to purchase Dixie Diners desserts to bake in a pinch(all prepackaged)
A little store but plenty of personal service and willing to give a discount when you purchase several @ once..........otherwise you can also shop their website :)

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  1. I use both CarbQuik and plain carbalose flour occasionally, but don't bake much at all any more. You typically have to use much different liquid quantities to preserve texture, and/or extra leavening. I think there are a lot of tips on the Tova Industries web site, and chef created recipes for the products.

    I've had success with quick breads, brownies and especially toll house cookies, using 72% dark chips from Ghirardelli or Scharffen Berger.

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      I am not the most creative baker, my mom wears that hat...she has DM from prednisone so she is very creative when it comes to baking.... didn't get those innovative baking genes...I have fibro, but on a good day I like to try new things...Everyone loves chocolate so I will be happy to give that a try!!!!!!!

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        I had FMS, but it literally went away overnight the day I stopped eating starch and sugar, along with PCOS I had developed in my 30s. Not saying that happens for everyone. I think you're still eating pretty high carb based upon some things you've posted, so there may be more room for improvement. No one needs 130 gms of carbs per day, your brain gets a healthier, level supply of glucose from protein than from carbs.

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          May I ask you what your window is for your daily carbs, and how do you break it down for your meals and snacks??? This is still fairly new to daughter and I have maintained this for almost 2yrs now, and we thought we were successful having gone from 189 to 128lbs, but yet we never felt ANY relief from the my curiosity is raging with for your knowledge, as you seem to have had much more experience than either of us. I respect any info and do appreciate it...still learning as i go....I only wish I had this knowledge as a child, I would be ready to nap just sayn the word BAGEL!!!! ONLY WISH I KNEW :(

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            I'm not that rigid, but my biggest rule of thumb is no sugar, no starch. That means not having those as appreciable sources of calories. I guess my total carbs are about 50-60 per day, and I don't measure out each meal or snack because my goal is to maintain my diabetes reversal (as long as I eat low carb) and not see my blood glucose rise post meal. By avoiding sources of concentrated carbs at every meal, I don't have to count anything any more unless it's an unfamiliar food to me. Generally, I try to stay under 10-12 grams of carbs at every meal and snack. And a LOT of my carbs are fiber.

            I don't use any meds, just diet, for diabetes control. When I started, it completely reversed my complications and insulin resistance and I've only seen improvements over the years, the lower carb I've gone.

    2. You should check out and go to the message boards for recipes with Carbquik and carbalose. Real people give their opinions on taste and tweaks for different items and that is helpful. You can spend DAYS IN THERE, lol.

      It has been a while since I really went on a big experiment rampage :) You need to be prepared to make alot of things that you will throw away- while you learn. Eventually you just don't really care about "substitutes" for baked items so much anymore. But the knowledge is still valuable.

      Some people taste a "sour taste" in these flours. I don't -so YMMV. Both can be added to alternative flours for better results or for health reasons. I have sometimes added almond flour to carbquik (in crusts) where the strong almond flour taste would detract from my recipe. I have also added carbquik to chick pea flour and peanut flour for different preparations and to lower carb counts. It is fun to play around with!

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        Hi Sedimental,
        Just wanted to say thank you, you opened my eyes to a great site. It's a terrific grateful...I'm hoping to find some nice holiday baking recipies. My family truly misses biscotti(of all sorts of varieties..since we've begun this journey we have given up those treats cold turkey. I think it would be nice to have a few treats with a cup of tea or coffee over the holiday seasons(especially if we can make a healthy version for those guests that maintain this "weigh" of life).
        Thanks again,

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          one seasonal dessert that it's super easy to make low carb is pumpkin pie or pumpkin cheesecake, or any cheesecake. Also, boule de neige or other flourless type chocolate cakes.

          I have a whole collection of LC holiday recipes that someone posted to another group years ago. with carb counts... If you post an email addy or put it in your profile, I can send them to you.

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            WOW mcf my family wants me to let you know it's like Christmas came early here! We miss our Italian traditional dessert spread for the holidays...hubby dearest and the kids are sending you greatb BIG HUGS......the email address is I will let you know how they turn out. I'm planning early this season, with huge hopes.
            Looking forward to them,
            Annmarie :)

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              I'll email you the holiday stuff I saved and also some cheesecake and boule de neige ones, I think I still have. Almond flour, sweetened and flavored (I like ground ginger) and mixed with melted butter makes a great sub for graham cracker crust. You can buy almond meal or flour from Bob's Red Mill or King Arther Flour, online I think, or in natural food stores and sections.

              Also, rhubarb makes a great cobbler with sweetener, maybe a handful of berries and an almond flour, chopped pecan and CarbQuik topping with Diabetisweet brown sugar substitute and cinnamon mixed in with melted butter topping.

              Edit: Sent, let me know if you don't receive them.