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Sep 3, 2012 08:29 PM

Savoy Grill in K.C.

I just saw a segment of Anthony Bourdain's show taking place in Kansas City. Along with all the barbeque etc., he visited The Savoy Grill. I had never heard of it and found it very interesting. Can anyone tell me a bit more about it. Would also like to know if the food is good. Who goes there? It's been there over 100 years. Thanks for any information.

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  1. I am curious, what did Bourdain say about the food? The Savoy is definitely historic and I have eaten there three times in the past 10 years. Each time, I was very disappointed in the food. Aggresively mediocre is the best description of my experience with meals there. And, while I have no problem spending money for a good meal, I find the Savoy overpriced for what is actually served.

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      At first he was somewhat taken aback by the old fashioned huge menu and variety. Thats the way many good places were 40-100 years ago. He had a steak that he said was very good, I think his friend had a lobster dish.

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        On my one visit there I had a meal (some overcooked fish, as I recall) that was thoroughly second rate at a price that they should be ashamed to charge. Too many good restaurants in KC to make a return visit there part of any future itinerary.

      2. Oh, the Savoy breaks my heart. The dining room is lovely, the bar is gorgeous, I adore the atmosphere. But, it needs Gordon Ramsay - badly. The food has slid to mediocre at best.
        The service is "OK". Def go for an after work drink/appetizer. I want it to be sooo great and it's just.... old.