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Sep 3, 2012 08:24 PM

Good espresso in Torrance?

Hello, hello everybody,

I will be in Torrance tomorrow morning at a very ungodly hour (for me), driving down Crenshaw. I have one stop at the farmers market in the works and possibly another one on the way back at one of the Japanese markets.

In between these I will need caffeinated sustenance, and a clean bathroom.

Good espresso is more important than the cleanliness of the bathroom. Smooth and strong but not burnt rubber-y. Also not watery whatsoever. Bonus if the place has good snacks/pastries.

Any recommendation? I'm considering a place called "Old Torrance Coffee and Tea", but maybe there's something else/better? Say, even something really Italian? Is there such a thing in Torrance?

Thanks in advance! Hopefully I'll see your recs tonight.

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  1. this is probably late, but Old Torrance Coffee and Tea isn't good. I live within walking distance from there. Two Guns Espresso in Manhattan Beach is good, but its in Manhattan Beach obviously.

    Or maybe Chantilly in Lomita

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      Alas, I saw your post after I came back. So yes I can confirm the espresso at Old Torrance Coffee & Tea is no good whatsoever :(
      it's on the too watery side. But their bathroom was spotless.

      The Torrance farmers market was great and pretty large for a weekday morning one.