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Sep 3, 2012 08:22 PM

Does anyone have good info concerning the risks of SOY?

There are so many conflicting stories...just wanted to know what the popular opinion was here...and how much is too much as per your experience?

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  1. From all I've read, if you have thyroid disorder, avoid soy because it (and cruciferous veggies) can be goitrogenic. Also, while whole soy foods, especially fermented soy products appear to be healthy for others, isolated soy proteins and soy processed into food products may not be. In some studies, the products have been connected to (but not proven causal) as increasing dementia risk in men.

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      I have attempted to have soy products in moderation, however I continue to reach for additional soy products that "fit the bill"when eating this way...we have become fond of edamame, soy(shirtake noodles)roasted soy nuts, just to name a few....I have read articles with concerns about hormone interference for women, and even adolescence....I am aware of puberty issues and menapausal concerns....but recently read something raising an eyebrow about diabetics utilizing soy products as well... just enough to make you much is truly tooo much, and is it across the board or individual based.....

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        A lot of new carbers spend time looking for fake versions of the crap food they're trying to avoid. My advice to you, as a 14 year long very low carber, is to stop looking for ways to keep eating starchy sweet stuff and start focusing on wholesome real foods, the sooner the better. Do it gradually and you'll find if you stick to plan and stop eating sweetened stuff and meal bars, you'll completely lose your cravings for starch and sugar. I have those things in the house, but I can't even remember the last time I felt the urge to use them.

        Your yogurt suggestion is a great one, Greek yogurt, some real food tossed in.

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          Rule of thumb here is nothing in a bag or a box.......we only consume natural whole foods here. The bars were a tool for my 16 yo in school as she has been told to eat every 3hours and was attempting to get in the protein/carbs in a few bites that wasnt drawing attention to her in class(seeds and nuts are tooo many/and didnt want to have to sit there eating away within her classroom)it's tough when your a kid...still tryn to find the best snack. Other than that issue, we only consume an occasional low carb wrap......nothing else except whole foods here...and we love it....I would be more than grateful for any tips as far as my daughter's snacks are concerned for school.........wrapped my brain around it and I'm at a loss :(

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            Cheese sticks, 10-12 almonds, jerky if she likes it. Some of the Kind brand nut or fruit and nut bars are less than 15 gms of carbs, I think, though not big on protein. Cheese sticks last well without refrigeration, the higher the fat the longer they last.

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              I didn't considr the cheesesticks because of the lack of carb and the refrigeration factor...maybe the kind bars and some added nuts might be better than the Glucerna Hunger smart bars, also looking into just baking my hard to get the "right numbers" but I am going to try... Not too sure if she will eat the jerky(its an early am snack, breakfast is 545am for is quite early, so snack would be around's a tough one(I've been tryn for 2yrs)to come up with an ideal subtle snack packed with protein and carbs that doesn't warrent the fridge....never heard of the fat content needing less refrigeration, thanks for the fyi

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                Glucerna is pure crap. I carry cheddar sticks or bars on road trips, in my bag, they taste much better at room temp. I wouldn't worry about a few hours out of the fridge I don't think you need to worry about carb content for snacks to even out bg levels you just need regular feeding with protein, which provides hours of steady glucose post meal, unlike carbs.

                My own experience has been the less carb I eat, the longer I can go between meals, 5-6 hours compared to 1.5-3 hours, when eating on the Zone levels, for instance. And carbs at breakfast increase hunger for the rest of the day, studies show.

                You could also try some low carb (almond flour, protein powder, CarbQuik) muffins and freeze them. Byt the time she's ready for it, it's defrosted.

    2. You might want to pick up the book "The Whole Soy Story".

      Also, the Weston Price Foundation has information on the dangers of soy consumption.

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        Thanj you I really appreciate that and will def read it...lookn into it now :)