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Sep 3, 2012 07:22 PM

Calln' All YONANAS FANS......Share your FAV Concoctions

For those of you whom may be unfamiliar with Yonanas, it's the BEST $40(with BedBathBeyond coupon)you can spend. This gizmo allows you to make your own ice cream with nothing but frozen fruit. For my family of four, the skys the limit. We have made blends of banana strawberry, pbj and bananas(with a pinch of carab), berries, peaches and mango, and our latest and most fav would be cinnamon pumpkin and bananas.....YUM!!!! YUM!!!!! YUM!!!!
I love being able to add nuts to the mix, and or greek yogurt.. A little sprinkle of stevia and you're in heaven....I must say going out for a healthy frozen yogurt treat has just met it's match in our home....(not to mention easy to clean)
So please fill free to share your YUMMY frosty treat ideas tooo..... :)

It"s worth every cent.

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  1. Hey guys this is a terrific wayn to enjoy frozen fruit in the form of an delicious ice cream texture....even seasonal tastes like pumpkin, YUM! We froze pure pumpkin sprinkled a touch of cinnamon and 1oz of a frozen banana<add your nuts for protein, if you choose.....and it tastes and smells like FALL!!!!! Soooooooo good!
    If you purchase it @ BBB, and decide it's not for you, no can return it!

    1. That would just be too concentrated a source of sugar for us. When we got a Braun ice cream maker, I got all interested for a couple of weeks, and it's been collecting dust ever since. I avoided fruit addtions and focused on higher fat with addtions like pistachios, or chocolate and coffee at the time.

      Honestly, the longer we lower carb we find that desserts are a very infrequent thing, we don't crave them and we know we don't need them. I do recall the early LC days, though, when trying to find ways to eat the same sort of stuff with replacement foods was what we did, too. In the long run, it kind of defeats the purpose, but I completely understand.

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        I am trying to wrap myself around this...I always thought that if you consumed the fruit with a serving of significant protein, all is my endocrinologist missing the boat??? We always limit our carb consumption to 20 from fruit and have a hefty serving of protein with the fruit...thinking we were " eating low carb correctly"....I truly wasn't attempting to get over in the low carb world...can you set me straight....I'm at a loss

        1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

          No, sugar is sugar is sugar. The reason protein helps is that it causes your pancreas to produce insulin and for a longer time after eating than sugar/carbs do. I never thought for a moment you were trying to "get over." I can tell you're really focusing on trying to do the right thing and on the steep learning curve in front of you.

          If you have metabolic syndrome or diabetes, you don't want to force insulin production by the pancreas to the max production. That causes pancreatic beta cell loss (from the carb's need for a lot of insulin all at once) and insulin resistance due to receptor flooding. People with glucose control probs (metS and diabetes) have already permanently lost a significant amount of insulin producing beta cells, so we don't want to force those remaining ones to die off from diet induced stress, too.

          Your endo not as bad as those who just hand you meds and tell you to eat low fat, high carb. Your endo may think that if you get the real low down, you'll be too overwhelmed and discouraged to make the changes you really need to.

          From all your descriptions, you aren't actually eating *low* carb, which has an upper limit typically, of 100 grams per day at maximum, and for those of us who carefully measure results with glucose control, usually closer to half that. I found my carb limits by weighing my food, documenting my consumption and discovered that I had to go much, much lower to gain control and to maintain all my improvement and keep control.

          If you need protein to prevent a spike from a food, then it's something you probably shouldn't be eating much of.

          Sugar is sugar and all carbs convert to sugar.

          1. re: mcf

            ok thank you for educating me...I do understand that you find that you are maintaining a state of ketosis when you omit the complex carbs that are naturally that low

            1. re: BEACHAHOLIC

              Complex has no meaning in terms of carb quality. White flour and potatoes are complex and they're terrible for glucose control. I focus on pretty much no starch, no sugars. Fruit is rare and very small portions in our home. Berries, mostly, when we have it.

              100 grams carb per day is the threshold that will induce ketosis in most folks but to maintain it after about 3 weeks of adaptation as a steady state, you probably have to eat 40-50 gms per day or less, as the brain uses a little glucose, but now gets most of its fuel from ketones, which it prefers and it runs better on. That's why severe ketogenic diets are used for severe epilepsy.

              I really don't worry about trying to stay in ketosis, I focus on glucose control and the reversal of what was severe insulin resistance and other diet induced health issues.

            2. re: mcf

              I am wondering if that theory is stemming from a particular diabetic hx or is that the rule of thumb for typical low carb eating? Is there a moderate window there...or are coming from a hx of uncontrolled DM proir to beginning your low carb way of life? My understanding of this carb#/day so to speak came from a reversal of an insulin level of 67, after 3weeks of eating a low carb menu...and ever since have never had an insulin level above 11...My mind is completely open, as I have the utmost respect for everyone's experience and truly want to grasp the entire concept.....just when ya think you finially got it....hahahahhaha :)