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Sep 3, 2012 06:36 PM

Driving from Detroit to Charleston via Myrtle Beach... suggestions?

Hello - my Wife and I are leaving Friday and driving from Detroit to Myrtle Beach via Charleston WV.

We are spending Friday night in Charleston WV and traveling to Myrtle Beach. My plan is to stop at Lexington #1 BBQ on our way from WV to Myrtle Beach. Seems to be well recommended? Any other recommendations on the way?

We are spending a few days in Myrtle Beach - any recommendations there? It looks pretty barren from a food standpoint, my game plan there is to get quality seafood locally and do a lot of cooking in our condo.

From there we are going to Charleston SC. Have reservations next Thursday at McCrady's. Looking at Fig, Gin Joint as some other places. We have been to Hominy Grill before and will probably go there again. We are staying at the Renaissance downtown. Any other recommendations? What is the name of the place out near Foley Beach? Any other places outside of Charleston worth looking in to?

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Where will you be staying in MB? Your best choices will all be south in the Murrell's Inlet area most likely.

    You must be thinking about Bowen's Island, truly a special place, but you are missing somthing by not going during oyster season.

    FYI, I suspect you will wish you peeled a day from MB and added it to your time in Charleston.

    Have fun!

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      Yeah, I would prefer to be in Charleston longer - but the condo in MB is free. . . So we are trying to balance the trip.

      Bowens Island was what I was thinking of. Thanks! Love any and all recommendations.

    2. Any other tips out there? Is Lexington BBQ worth the hype?


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        Lexington BBQ is excellent and well worth a stop, imo. In fact, there are multiple great BBQ places in Lexington, might be fun to take in several.

        Not sure of your route and timing, but other places to consider that may be on your way are Keaton's near Statesville, NC for BBQ chicken; Fullers in Lumberton for a huge buffet of southern cooking; The Pink House in Rowland (I think?) on the NC/SC border.

        As mollybelle indicated the best eats in MB are in Murrell's Inlet. Do a search on here and you'll find lots of suggestions.

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          Also, if you want to get way off the beaten path, Scott's in Hemingway, SC, is excellent.

      2. Unless you have reservations I would think FIG is a no go since it will be restaurant week and they have been booked solid for awhile.
        I live in Murrells Inlet and eat very well as long as I STAY in the MI to Georgetown area....tourist are gone so it is no big deal to zip around the area. Feel free to look through my previous post to see my suggestions , I just dont have time to list them all right now because I just had a baby and am in Charleston with him since he was very early.

        1. Cafe Old Vienna is my favorite MB restaurant:

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            Don't take this the wrong way,but I would only think of schnitzel after I had already eaten every softshell crab on the Carolina coast!