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Sep 3, 2012 06:31 PM


Dear Admins / Moderators,

I have cleared out all the checkboxes in my profile (yes both the settings/notifications area as well as the other one).

Yet ... I'm still inundated with tons of email updates. Please kill all notifications of all kinds - thanks! If that means that you need to totally delete my entire account, then go ahead and do it - I'd rather have that then 50 emails a day that I don't care about.


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  1. To clarify, which of the emails are you getting- our newsletters, the notifications of Chowhound replies, or both?

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    1. re: Engineering

      No - not newsletters. Just notifications of ALL replies to ANY thread that I have ever posted to. It is incredibly annoying and I consider it spam. EVERY other site that I do stuff on has a nice easy "click here to stop notifications" - and they work properly. Not chowhound.

      I have cleared all check boxes in my entire profile, but that hasn't helped at all. PLEASE just get this done. Thanks!

      If you need to entirely delete my account to do so - fine by me - I'd rather never participate here again then get all these unwanted emails.