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Sep 3, 2012 06:26 PM


Any ideas for where to find a well-mixed drink, some mid-strip? Mandarin Bar is probably my favorite discovery (including the bench in the elevator), both for the view at twilight and for the excellent drinks. Has anyone discovered anywhere else for a nice drink, say between Caesar's and MGM?


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  1. I like the Chandelier bar, level 1.5, and Vesper bar, both in the Cosmopolitan.

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    1. Take your pick of bars at the Cosmopolitan. My favorites are Vesper (vintage cocktails and modern interpretations, arguably the flagship bar despite The Chandelier's presence), the 1.5 floor of The Chandelier (cutting-edge libation playground), and Book & Stage (sports bar by day, concert venue by night, straightforward for Cosmopolitan cocktails with inventive twists; the Stunning Man is incredible). I'd do Book & Stage by day (largely because if you're playing the machines they comp your bar tab, and because the bartender Jenny rocks), either of the other two by night depending on my mood (Vesper gets bustling in the evening).

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        I'll be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and if memory serves me correctly, you were so kind to recommend the fab Chandelier bar at the Cosmo..
        Vesper and Book & Stage sound perfect.

        I'll be hitting up the lounge at Sage for champagne/drinks and 5 course cheese...have you been?

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          I have yet to go to Sage. I'd certainly like to some time, but my recent Vegas vacations have been on the spare side.

      2. What about heading Downtown for drinks; Artifice, Bar+Bistro, The Lady Sylvia,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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          Eater has an article on 20 interesting cocktail bars: