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Thanksgiving dinner on the Olympic Peninsula

MsMaryMc Sep 3, 2012 06:20 PM

We're thinking about spending Thanksgiving at the Ocean Crest Resort in Moclips. We're hoping to find a good Thanksgiving dinner somewhere close by. We're not expecting (or looking for) anything trendy or highly innovative, or extremely high-end--just a good, traditional turkey-and-trimmings spread, well-prepared, in a nice setting. They used to have pleasant enough dining room at the Ocean Crest, but they had a fire and it won't be re-opened until sometime next year. I asked them for recommendations for other possibilities for Thanksgiving dinner, and they suggested three: Lake Quinault Lodge in Quinault (about 35 minutes north), the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino in Ocean Shores (about 30 minutes south), or Mill 109 at Seabrooke (very close by).

Does anybody have any feedback about any of these places? Lake Quinault Lodge food service is operated by Aramark, which is a very bad sign. They're last on my list unless somebody can tell me the food isn't as mediocre as I'm imagining (too bad--the location would be lovely). I've had one great brunch at the seafood buffet at the Quinault Beach Resort, and one decent dinner in the fine dining room, so that's definitely an option. I know nothing about Mill 109. From the website, it looks like a pub, fairly casual, but their regular dinner menu goes a little beyond just burgers and bar snacks. The lady at the Ocean Crest recommended them, and said they've done a Thanksgiving dinner in the past. We'll probably end up doing one or two meals there during our stay, but I wonder if they'd be a good choice for our big holiday meal.

Can anybody share experiences at any of these places, or suggest something else within 45 minute drive of Moclips? Ideas for other meals in the general area that weekend would be welcome, too. Thanks!