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Sep 3, 2012 06:18 PM

Espardenyes in Barcelona

We're going to be in Barcelona for about ten days in November. I've read about espardenyes and have a couple of questions. Are they a seasonal item and/or can we find them in markets? Can I cook them in our apartment? Any thoughts? They sound very good. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi, funnily enough I wrote a blog post about espardenyes in Barcelona (in the context of a write-up about Paco Meralgo) during the weekend just gone—it goes live tomorrow.
    I've never seen espardenyes in the markets in the city (not even the Boqueria) which is not to definitively say they're not available only that I've never seen them on sale.
    Espardenyes quickly perish and have to be kept in water after catching so maybe that's why.
    You may not find them live in Barcelona markets but it's a good bet you'll find them at the fish market in Palamós in Girona province.
    One of the only tapas type restaurant-bars which I know serves espardenyes in Barceiona is Paco Meralgo—expect to pay at least €21 for a plate of six or seven espardenyes a la plancha and served with lemon. I've attached a photo of espardenyes as served at Paco Meralgo.
    If you visit Paco Meralgo you could always ask where they source their espardenyes.
    Espardenyes are more common in restaurant-bars in places such as Roses.
    Enjoy your visit to our city of marvels. ¡Bon profit!

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      Thanks for all the info and I've bookmarked your blog. I've only just started doing a little resto reading and saw how expensive they are which is why I was thinking about cooking them. It's so nice staying in apartments (and this one seems quite well equipped) and cooking the local fare. I suspect we'll share a plate with some other things.

      Looking forward to learning more about this wonderful city. It's my husband's fave in all the world (he used to travel a lot internationally in his work) but I haven't visited yet.

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        We went to Paco Meralgo and ordered them. They were wonderful (I thought kinda lobster-y) and worth the 21 Euros. Thanks.