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Sep 3, 2012 06:02 PM

Grill pan cleaning

We frequently use a stainless steel, perforated grill pan with sloped sides when we're grilling veggies. (We have both a charcoal and a gas grill.) Afterwards, I always spend a long time scrubbing the thing with a steel wool pad trying to get it to look more like new. I wonder whether this time-consuming chore is necessary or even desirable. As long as it's washed clean, does it matter if I scrub off the blackening?

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  1. In my opinion, you don't want to build a thick layer of charcoal, but there is no reason why you need to get i back to shiny silver.

    1. The blackening should make the pan cook a bit hotter or faster - shiny reflects heat, black absorbs it - but unless this is a concern, why not save yourself the time and effort?

      1. I had a cookie sheet we used to use for pizzas; it had become blackened over the years. My father came to visit and without telling me spent an hour scrubbing it clean. Didn't work well anymore and I had to throw it away. So I'm for letting it get dark just not crusty.

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          Thanks to all--I'll continue to clean it but forget about trying to keep it shiny. I was heading in that direction, but wanted to make sure. . .