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Sep 3, 2012 05:35 PM

Is the Vitamix a food processor too?

I am confused. Is it just a high power blender, or can it be used as a food processor as well. Or should I just keep my blender I have now (Simply Perfect Personal Blender) and get a separate food processor.

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  1. I love my Vita-Mix, but it certainly cannot do a number of simple functions that my old food processor can do such as grating, slicing, making dough (bread and pasta), etc. If you are happy with your blender, stick with it and get a food processor, though pureeing always works best in a blender.

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    1. re: markabauman

      oh i see! yes, my blender is very good. i do not think i need a vitamix then. for now at least, who knows maybe in the future if my current one breaks, i will def. look more into the vitamix! i actually just read the manual to my blender and it came with 2 blades, one to blend and one to chop! who knew reading the manuals actually helped LOL

    2. I love my Vitamix but it is not a replacement for my food processor.

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      1. re: rasputina

        thank you! i was so confused on what made it so awesome. i thought it was like a 2 in 1 thing. :)

      2. The original comment has been removed