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Sep 3, 2012 05:02 PM

Food-shopping tips for an American in Galway, Ireland

Hi all! I'm spending 4 months in Galway and just got here about a week ago. I'm still learning to navigate the supermarkets here and the only one I've shopped at is the Dunnes in the town center. They've got good selections of cheese, seafood, meat, etc. but hardly any vegetables and they are quite expensive. I couldn't even find fresh parsley! Also, there were plenty of canned beans but no dried beans, which are generally a staple of mine, since they are better than canned, cheap, tasty, and filling. I do accept that I will have to change some of my cooking habits while I am in a foreign country--that's part of the fun and I am enjoying many of the things that are readily available here that are hard to find in the States. But if anyone knows of any place that has a better selection of fresh produce that would be great. And is there anywhere to buy bags of dried beans or are they simply not something that is sold in Ireland? Also, if anyone knows the location of some ethnic markets (Asian etc.) that would also be great. Thanks a million!

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  1. You should certainly be able to find dried beans in Ireland. They are usually available in health food / whole food stores, and I'm sure there are a few around Galway.
    Supermarket vegetables are generally poor (though you can usually get fresh parsley at least!). You can probably do better at a market. There is a list here: