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Sep 3, 2012 04:57 PM

Pardes, amazes and delights

I don't think it has been discussed here how regularly Pardes surprises diners.

For example, you order roasted duck,. It comes, and it is wonderful, perfect. But also surprising because to the duck you ordered the chef has adds slices of a second preparation, smoked duck. And it is wonderful.

A lot of the dishes come like that. More delightful flavors and preparations than you ordered. Like ordering dinner and having a bit of a tasting menu served.

Chef Mosher continues ot amaze and delight.

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  1. Must agree. We were there last week for the first time in a while, and had another delightful dinner. I was particularly taken with a salad with avocado, burnt corn, "bacon," and a couple of other things. We also very much liked a "meat snack" of lamb sausage, orrechiette, and some other stuff.

    We have found that the servers are very helpful with recommendations and advice; we weren't really looking at the lamb sausage dish, but I'm so glad she recommended it. The Georgia peach crumble with bacon and walnut ice cream was delicious. We also had the duck AdinaA had; I didn't enjoy it as much as my husband did, but I liked the other main we had (a hangar steak entree) better than he did, so it worked out. We always split everything, and since we usually order six things (2 apps, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts), it's like our own tasting menu!

    1. Don't go without a reservation, saw two parties without reservations turned away.

      Appallingly, there were two empty tables that sat, forlorn, waiting for people who did not turn up.

      If you have to cancel, phone, don't stand the chef up. This is a small place, it can't run on much of a margin. yet they courteously hold tables for people who are too rude to take out their iphones and cancel.

      Small wonder there aren't more fine restaurants in the frum world, when this is the way they are treated.

      1. I couldn't agree more. If you eat out for the food, there is no better kosher place. In fact, I find myself at non-kosher restaurants often (for work) and the food at Pardes is more interesting, creative, and seasonal than what I see at many high-end non-kosher restaurants.

        Every time we have dinner at Pardes, I get excited about the food. Either because there is a surprise element (a poached egg in my soup), a menu item you wouldn't find anywhere else (goat four ways) or just something beautifully, perfectly, executed.

        We have not yet done the tasting menu but that is the plan for our next visit. I will report back.